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Experience Audio Video, Inc. of Orange County specializes in creating an experience in the home, office and business that is unrivaled in the audio video industry. We provide full design, installation and training of Smart Homes, Home Theaters, Lighting Systems, Whole House Audio, Phone Systems, Audio Video Environments, Video Surveillance, Video Walls, Conference Room Automation and Digital Signage. We take pride in the entire process, from proposal to training, in order to ensure reliability and ease of use. Serving Orange County, California for over 20 years.

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We strive to be the best

Specializing in creating an experience for the home or business with unrivaled attention to detail

A/V solutions to tap into versatility, entertainment and convenience

Whether you’re considering adding technology to your commercial space or home, or looking to upgrade your current solutions, working with a trusted local provider is the best money-saving option. Start by reaching out to professionals with significant experience in smart home installation in your area to discuss equipment, customization, A/V installation, integration, safety, and maintenance plans that will benefit your home or business the most. 

Whatever your specific needs and expectations are, maximizing the functionality and security of your commercial or residential space is what Experience Audio Video, Inc. excels at. 

By setting up custom audio-video solutions, combining various systems for superb interconnectivity, and using the latest automation products, we can transform any space into the comfortable environment of your dreams. True to the hi-tech promises you may have considered far-fetched, you’ll barely have to lift a finger to adjust anything – only as much as to tap a touchscreen or push a remote control button.

Audio and visual solutions for creating the perfect atmosphere

Regardless of your ideal living or working space in your mind’s eye, Experience Audio Video, Inc. has everything it takes to subtly weave in smart technology for the desired effect or ambiance. We offer a full range of services, from design, setup, and configuration to seamless integration and maintenance to match your expectations. 

A lot goes into the work of an A/V solutions company that you, your guests, or customers don’t see. But the result is all about creating the right impression. That’s why upgrading to innovative solutions proves to be the most dynamic way of changing the look and feel of any residential or commercial area.

Getting your indoor or outdoor space outfitted with products from the brands that Experience Audio Video, Inc. partners with can fix various issues that hinder your relaxation or workflow. Whether you are looking to upgrade existing solutions, swap a TV set for a truly immersive audio and video experience or take the comfort of your customers to the next level, we offer the best technologies, services, and support. 

Your home — Your smart story

To bring improved productivity, convenience, a contemporary edge, and a ‘wow’ factor to any space, make it smarter with Experience Audio Video, Inc. Our experts have extensive knowledge of custom design and integration. With our audio-visual installation services for smart automation, creating a vibe that resonates with your mood or streamlining your routine by reducing the efforts to perform standard tasks couldn’t be easier! 

Smart homes and spaces that can be managed and monitored from anywhere, with easy remote control of security, lighting, and climate, aren’t just a luxury to dream up anymore. Experience Audio Video, Inc. is the top-recommended audio-visual installation company that can transform your dreams into reality. We take pride in adjusting the technology potential to your preferences to make the most of your space. 

Let’s make it happen with intelligent technology for any room!

  • Your guys were great. Very professional and I am extremely happy with their work.
  • Enrico
    Experience is a very professional organization. They designed and installed a large and complex home system encompassing: surround sound (balanced & tuned for the room), wall mounted 80″, 55″, and 42″ TVs, satellite reception, universal remotes (for TVs, DVD, CD, and satellite radio), and ceiling speakers for additional rooms. All was completed according to the original proposal & schedule. More importantly they responded to correct the minor glitches that always occur with a new system.
  • Scott G.
    We hired EAV after obtaining three quotes to install a new surround sound system, programmable remote, apple tv, amplifier, speakers, etc. Very glad we made the right choice. Everything went very smooth, on schedule, with great communication. They also installed a cooling fan in our equipment cabinet after recognizing the heat buildup would be too much for the components. We had a few issues with the programmable remote a few months after install, and they were quick to respond and come fix the update issue with the software with no trip charge. Awesome company, and Brian the owner runs it the right way, putting customer satisfaction as top priority. Highly recommend.
    Scott G.
  • Sarah C.
    They were very professional. They were clean. They were nice. They were pleasant to have in your house doing work. They cleaned up. Overall, I think they did a good job. I was pretty detailed in what I wanted. He gave me advice on what I was looking for. It was so nice of him. The guys were on phone with the owner with any problem that come up or any question about how it should be done, they were on the phone regularly with the owner to make sure everything was done right. I would recommend them. Their hourly price was reasonable because they did by the hour. A couple of things I did buy from them were cheaper than what I would gotten elsewhere. Their estimate was on target. They did really good work.
    Sarah C.

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