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Anticipate Each Season With Motorized Window Dressings

Try to think of every single window in your house — and now figure out which one you missed.

It can be a challenge to remember to open or close each window in your home, but depending on the season, you may be increasing the effort your HVAC system puts in, increasing your energy usage and waste.

Instead of trying to remember to open and close your window dressings, make the switch to motorized shades, which gives you the freedom to control your home’s exposure to the outdoors, from inside your home or elsewhere. Not to mention, because your blinds will be controlled by a central system, you can even open or lower them from the comfort of your couch, making your relaxation time really count.

When you use your motorized shades strategically during the most challenging seasons when it comes to weather, you’ll save money on your utility bills, have a more comfortable home, and won’t need to do anything more than press a button.


You know that sitting in an air-conditioned room in the middle of summer with the sun blasting through open windows isn’t necessarily comfortable, and it’s definitely not energy efficient. estimates that 76% of that sun coming through your windows is turning into heat, so close blinds during the day to save.


Also, according to, around 30% of the energy used to heat a home is lost through windows. With the right insulating window covering, you can keep your home warmer, and quickly open them from anywhere when the sun is blasting its strongest.

Spring and Fall

Depending on where you live, spring and fall may be the perfect time to leave windows open and enjoy the fresh, crisp air. Regardless, you’ll be prepared to change your window dressings with the touch of a button when you have an automated system. 


Upgrade Your Home’s Security With Indoor And Outdoor Security Cameras

When was the last time you thought about your home’s security system? For most people, it’s not until there’s a problem that they really take a look at how their home and family are protected.

Being proactive with security won’t just help you sleep better at night; it can also save you some money on insurance. Plus, you won’t have to worry about leaving older kids alone, and you’ll know immediately whether something is a problem or just a glitch.

Installing security cameras is a simple and affordable way to boost your home’s safety. And the good news is, modern cameras aren’t as big, bulky, and obtrusive as those of the past. With wireless capability allowing you to get an alert on your phone no matter where you, you can always keep track of what is happening at home.

The Benefits of Outdoor Cameras

Most people focus on exterior security cameras to help deter or catch any intruders or crime. In many cases, if someone sees a camera installed at your house, they’ll probably move on to an easier mark. 

But security cameras will also help you bolster your case should you be the victim of theft or a break-in. When you can watch a perpetrator break in, grab valuables, and take back off, you’re giving your insurance company and the police a head start.

The Benefits of Indoor Cameras

Modern security cameras come in all shapes and sizes and can be placed in innocuous spots, like plants, making them useful for indoor placement. If you’re placing cameras indoors for security purposes, you can put them strategically inside entrances and any means of egress, as you’ll have a better chance of capturing any intruders head-on. 

Be careful when you install your indoor cameras to avoid places like bathrooms or bedrooms being in any frame, as you want family members and guests to feel comfortable in any part of the house. 


6 Reasons A Smart Office Will Boost Your Healthcare Business’s Success

For the modern workplace, it’s essential to focus on what really matters, no matter the industry: connecting your people. Open-plan office concepts were designed to help facilitate greater pathways between employees, with the hopes of increasing productivity. Nowadays, it is the digital design of your healthcare office that opens up communication internally and beyond.

When you upgrade your current setup to a smart office, you’re immediately making mundane things and the day-to-day easier on employees, freeing them up to focus on what matters: your patients. 

These are six ways that your new smart office will help your business succeed.

  1. Automated lighting will help your office use less energy, and setting your system to adjust according to optimal light and the outdoors provides a better workplace environment.
  2. Personalized temperature preferences will help each employee feel more comfortable without needing to add or remove layers.
  3. Scheduling apps for conference rooms, huddle spaces, and other meeting areas allow everyone to secure a room when they need it.
  4. Multi-room audio systems can play the same content to every space when you need to, but also allow for employees to choose their own sound.
  5. Digital displays can share content throughout your commercial office, both with employees but also with clients. Cut down on the need to answer questions from guests about navigating the space, and give employees the information they need, where they are.
  6. Security cameras can help keep your employees and your company’s belongings safe. When you can check your feed and receive alerts from an app on your phone, you’ll always ensure that everyone and everything on-site is protected.


Summertime! 3 Entertaining Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

It’s already summer, so if you’ve been looking longingly at your dull backyard, it’s time to turn it into a year-round outdoor paradise.

With some music, video distribution, and some smart lighting, your yard will be a place that’s ready to entertain, whether it’s just the family or a community cookout. 

But installing the right A/V equipment for outdoors is essential; using indoor equipment means a higher chance of damage and higher replacement costs. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a local and experienced California audio-visual installation team to help plan an outdoor entertaining space that will last.

These three ideas will get you started on your new entertainment space.

  1. Show Movies

Install an outdoor television screen so you can watch the big game or the season finale of your favorite show. Take things a step further and get a projector and a portable screen for night-time movie watching.

  1. Don’t Skimp On Sound

Sound travels a lot differently outside, which means speaker placement needs to be strategic. Too few speakers and you’ll have “dead spots” in your yard, and the wrong placement can mean your neighbors hear your music louder than you do.

  1. Keep Control In Your Hands

You’ll need the right remote to control all of your outdoor A/V elements, but you want something that will stand up to the outdoors. Your remote should be waterproof, large enough to see, and ideally in a color that will make it stand out, even at night.