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The 3 Essential AV Needs For Any Commercial Conference Room

Essential AV

When it comes to your commercial office’s productivity, it is your audio-visual system that will help boost your employees’ motivation and attention. Incorporating these features into your entire office, whether by including touch screen check-in options for clients or multi-room music systems to create a particular mood, is guaranteed to keep your staff and visitors engaged and happy.

But when it comes to your conference room’s AV system, you’ll want to pay attention to the specifics of what the space is used for, and who will be using it.

These are three essential AV needs for any commercial office conference room, that will satisfy clients and increase overall productivity.

  1. Videoconferencing

In 2019, perhaps the most essential feature of a commercial office’s conference room is a quality video conferencing system. Whether you need to meet with clients abroad or pull in remote employees, you want the ability to connect quickly to enhance communication.

Some basics you need for a video conferencing system are:

  • A high-quality display screen
  • Effective microphones that allow for clear audio transmission
  • Strategically-placed speakers so anyone in the room can hear what’s being said
  • A software system that enables you to share documents and other resources during meetings
  1. Audio Options

While many of your conference room meetings may use video features, you also need to prepare for old-fashioned phone calls. Teleconferencing equipment is a must, as you want voices to be heard clearly on the other end of any call. When your system is hooked up to speakers and microphones spread around the room, you won’t have to worry about crowding over one table.

  1. Wireless Connections

The last thing you want is a conference room cluttered with wires, so it’s crucial that you minimize these distractions by going wireless. Laptops and other devices should easily and quickly connect to your other assets.


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