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3 Smart Home Trends That Will Help You Design Your Own

smart home

One of the most coveted features for modern homes is the ability to handle multiple tasks around the house without needing to do more than press a button.

Smart homes have added a new level of convenience for homeowners, as they can control everything from security to lighting, from the comfort of home or even elsewhere. Turn on the lights when you’re away to make it appear that you’re home, or turn off the downstairs TV that you left on without leaving bed.

But no two smart home systems are alike, as you can customize yours to your home and your needs. When you’re ready to upgrade your home, these trends will help you figure out which features are right for you.

More Voice Controls

From Siri to Alexa, one of the features of early smart controls that has stayed popular is the voice control feature. You don’t need to carry a remote around with you to perform functions, and you can get an even faster reaction to your commands.

Caring for Little Ones and Pets

Parents have more opportunities than ever to make sure babies are safe and secure for their early years. There are new technological advances every day that allow you to monitor your baby’s breathing while they sleep, and even their heart rate.

Similarly, more and more pet owners are using smart gadgets to care for furry friends. Imagine being able to clean a litter box remotely, or say hi to your pet when you’re on vacation.

Upgraded Bathrooms

While the luxury toilet market sprouted some years ago and allowed users to control multiple functions right from their seat, other than those pricey objects, most bathrooms are decidedly un-smart. Features like motion activated lighting can help you take care of business in the middle of the night, and even voice-activated showers are on the horizon.


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