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How Digital Signage Can Help Your Commercial Bar

Are your patrons getting all of the information about your commercial bar that they should be?

With digital signage, you can keep both your employees and customers up-to-date on scheduled events, select notifications, and promotional opportunities. Create your own content to engage patrons while they drink and keep them around longer.

But beyond content related to your business, you can also use digital signage to boost your revenue with advertising dollars. With this kind of setup, you’ll work with a third-party advertising company to display ads on your digital signage. The downside of these advertising platforms is that you often won’t be able to control the content, which means your customers may not find them interesting.

Sticking with either of these methods exclusively can mean sacrificing your ability to keep everyone up to date. If you only have advertising on your digital signage, people may grow bored and ignore your signage altogether. But if you just have your own content, you’ll have to keep it updated regularly.

The ideal setup is typically to have a combination of advertising and business content, giving your customers relevant information promptly. You don’t have to spend as much time devising and uploading content, and you’ll have a fresh selection of advertising that helps promote other local spaces.

Finally, remember that you’re giving your customers something to look at other than their phones. TV stations and preferences vary, so giving people a new object to look at means they’ll stay happier longer. Use that to your advantage, and see greater success.


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EAV has been serving Orange County and Area since 1999 for residential and commercial audio and video installation services. 5 Star Yelp Ratings, Thousands of Referrals, there is not a better choice than Brian Chappel and the EAV Team. One phone call and you will know right away the difference in working with EAV vs. others in the area. Contact us now at 714-744-4455 or for a Free Consultation.


4 Reasons You Should Be Using Digital Signage In Your Commercial Office

One of the key concepts embraced in modern offices is to have spaces that reflect your corporate culture. For commercial offices, this means engaging clients and employees in open communication and developing a quick way to disseminate information throughout your office. When everyone is up-to-date and on the same page, things will run smoother overall.

To easily facilitate this kind of openness in a commercial space, digital signage works seamlessly to enhance your overall space’s look while ensuring that information is always shared timely. These four reasons should be more than enough to convince you that a digital signage setup will help boost your company’s success.

  1. Embrace Transparency

Millennials are looking for workplaces that are more transparent with decision-making at all levels. When you have digital signage in your commercial office, you can share valuable information with all employees immediately. Plus, if you are open to employee feedback, sharing ways that they can get in touch with you to discuss ideas is easier when everyone can look at a screen to see that’s an option.

  1. Your Team Feels Important

When you share information with everyone on your team through digital signage, they’ll feel more important, knowing that you care enough to keep them in the loop. You’ll also have the ability to specially recognize employees who hit certain milestones, as well as celebrate things like birthdays.

  1. You’ll Help Everyone Stay on Target

Your employees will be able to see actual progress made when you display metrics on your digital display screens. That means accomplishments will be easier to note, and employees will stay motivated to complete the job.

  1. You Can Connect Employees with The Public

Does your company have an active social media presence? By streaming content directly to your digital displays, your employees will be able to get involved in the action, but will also be able to see real-time feedback from customers. That means a better experience can always be developed for everyone in the office.

About the Author

EAV has been serving Orange County and Area since 1999 for residential and commercial audio and video installation services. 5 Star Yelp Ratings, Thousands of Referrals, there is not a better choice than Brian Chappel and the EAV Team. One phone call and you will know right away the difference in working with EAV vs. others in the area. Contact us now at 714-744-4455 or for a Free Consultation.


Is Your Commercial Office In Need Of A Morale Boost?

Boosting morale and efficiency after the holidays can be tough; people have been traveling, partying, celebrating, and generally not thinking about getting work done. That transition back can make things even worse if your facility isn’t designed to encourage and support everyone getting back to work.

How can you help ease your employees back into work while making sure that your clients are getting the attention they need? Try some of these easy upgrades to your commercial space to get your staff back into the swing of things.

  • Play music at reasonable volumes in open work areas to cut down on ambient noise and help relax and motivate employees.
  • Offer a huddle space that allows employees to get together away from their desks to strategize and brainstorm.
  • Place digital signage around the offices to share information with staff and to celebrate individual accomplishments, awards, or milestones.
  • Use digital scheduling to help employees reserve conference rooms and workspaces, and allow them to control elements like the thermostat and music when they are using them.
  • Allow employees to open or close blinds and windows throughout the office. Using motorized window coverings will let employees do so with the touch of a button, and can allow you to control which blinds can be open and when.
  • Make sure audio solutions in your conference room and throughout the office are allowing clear communication with employees or clients from elsewhere.
  • Help employees and clients feel safe at all times by installing security cameras in your facility, particularly in dark areas like parking garages or hallways.


About the Author

EAV has been serving Orange County and Area since 1999 for residential and commercial audio and video installation services. 5 Star Yelp Ratings, Thousands of Referrals, there is not a better choice than Brian Chappel and the EAV Team. One phone call and you will know right away the difference in working with EAV vs. others in the area. Contact us now at 714-744-4455 or for a Free Consultation.


4 Ways To Use TV Or Video Distribution In Your Commercial Office

No matter your industry, there are easy changes that you can make around the office that these days, are becoming expected.

And the most straightforward change you can make that has the most significant impact? Installing an A/V system that allows clients, employees, and guests to navigate and enjoy the experience at your commercial office.

With TV and video distribution, you’re opening up a visual world to draw in and assist everyone who visits your office, and there are almost endless benefits

Use Digital Signage For Navigation

Commercial offices benefit from helping clients easily navigate a space from the moment they walk in. Guests will enter the office less stressed and will feel as though you offer comprehensive care to everyone who comes in. Signage can point the way to check-in, restrooms, and other important places to know.

Make Waiting Areas More Comfortable

No one likes to sit and wait for a meeting, so the more comfortable you make your waiting room, the happier everyone will be. By streaming TV or related video, everyone will have something to occupy their time with. 

Boost Conference Rooms Efficiency

When you can speak directly and clearly to clients and colleagues around the world, you’re sharing information faster, and everything runs more efficiently. A well-installed A/V distribution system is necessary for any modern conference room.

Keep Your Facility Neater

Imagine if every TV screen in your facility needed a cable box or other wired device to play video — your space could quickly look like a mess. Instead, video distribution allows everything to come from one control hub, which can be hidden away cleanly and away from client-facing areas.


5 Benefits A Video Distribution System Will Bring To Your Healthcare Office

Modern healthcare offices must be ready to provide attention to patients as soon as they walk through the front door. And similarly, you must also be able to communicate information to your staff immediately, at any time of the day.

There is a solution that will allow you to tackle both of these needs: a quality video distribution system. Installing the right video system will also bring you quite a few additional benefits as well — these are five ways video distribution will improve your healthcare office.

  1. Your Office Will Be Smarter

Imagine being able to immediately send out video content to everyone in the office, with just the touch of a button. Video distribution with a central control system means you can share news quickly, no matter where you are.

  1. Encourage Your Employees

When staff is coming up with new ideas, you want them to get feedback from others in the office to help flesh out concepts. With video distribution, your staff can all see what is being worked on, which allows for more fluid and candid collaboration.

  1. Share Your Goals

Whether you are wondering how many products have been sold or you want to share milestones met, video distribution helps keep motivation up in the office because you can share metrics with your employees immediately.

  1. Help Patients Get Settled

There’s nothing worse than walking into a new office and having no idea where to go. With touch screen and video displays in lobbies and waiting rooms, you can help anyone navigate your space quickly. Plus, you can tailor the content they see to what will interest them.

  1. Boost Morale

Finally, a huge benefit of video distribution in a commercial office is the ability to boost your employees’ morale. Display photos from group outings, or celebrate birthdays and special occasions so that employees can all share in the excitement.


 About the Author

Experience Audio Video has been serving Orange County and Area since 1999 for residential and commercial audio and video installation services. 5 Star Yelp Ratings, Thousands of Referrals, there is not a better choice than Brian Chappell and the Experience Audio Video Team. One phone call and you will know right away the difference in working with Experience Audio Video vs. others in the area. Contact us now at 714-744-4455 or for a Free Consultation.


4 Ways AV Systems Improve Connections To Clients

As a commercial enterprise, your focus is on your customers. Figuring out how to provide them with the products or services they need, when they need them, is one of your biggest priorities.

But are you trying to connect with them in the right way?

Using audio-visual systems in your commercial office allows you to reach each client individually. Services can be provided faster, and a streamlined system helps improve confidence in your company.

  1. Share Information Faster

Digital signage can be used to help clients navigate your space, and provides relevant information and content that is designed to be useful for them. Plus, you’ll get an added benefit of improving employee morale when you have digital displays that focus on motivation and celebration of goals and milestones.

  1. Impress Them

Wow your clients with a multi-media presentation and increase your message’s impact. No matter what information you need to share, do so in the most comprehensive way possible with audio-visual elements.

  1. Reach Out Beyond the Office

High-quality video conferencing is essential to communicate effectively with clients or employees who aren’t on-site. But it can also be a way to reach even more people, such as holding a training session for employees overseas.

  1. Better Scheduling

No client wants to spend their day waiting for your time, especially in the case of urgent matters. With a digital scheduling system, you can make sure clients are seen faster, and you’ll help staff stay on top of deadlines. Link your schedules to digital displays so that employees don’t even need to open a calendar to see where they need to be.



 About the Author

Experience Audio Video has been serving Orange County and Area since 1999 for residential and commercial audio and video installation services. 5 Star Yelp Ratings, Thousands of Referrals, there is not a better choice than Brian Chappell and the Experience Audio Video Team. One phone call and you will know right away the difference in working with Experience Audio Video vs. others in the area. Contact us now at 714-744-4455 or for a Free Consultation.


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Healthcare Solutions For The Modern Health Professional

Technological Innovations have revolutionized healthcare, making it fast paced and much more effective. Technology has presented a myriad of possibilities to doctors, nurses, and patients to effectively communicate and collaborate with each other remotely, eradicating the problems and shortcomings that distance used to create in the olden days.

Gone are the days, when it was an absolute necessity to visit the doctor for a diagnosis. Now all of this and much more can be achieved through visionary healthcare solutions that are being provided by EAV at cost-effective prices. Here are some of our premium services that are worth every penny.


  1. Electronic Medical Data (EMR) Technology

EMR (electronic medical data) is a centralized database, where all the substantial medical and clinical details of patients are kept in a computerized network. EMR is not just a repository for patient history. It can be accessed by other hospitals through proper channels.

It enables doctors and staff to determine which patients have appointments for checkups, letting them prepare for the session beforehand. It helps to analyze certain medical parameters, such as blood sugar levels and blood pressure with ease. The overall quality of healthcare is immensely improved by EMR. EAV can equip your facilities with advanced EMR systems, giving you the opportunity to reach new heights of effectiveness.

healthcare solutions

  1. Lobby Rooms And Rooms Integrated With Digital Signage

Digital signage is an electrical conduit for managing visitors and patients, providing them with the means for two way communication with the help of touch screens, state of the art movement detection units and imaging equipment. A smooth and fast flow of information is guaranteed with digital signage which can come in handy in emergency situations, requiring urgent attention.

EAV can make the management of patients in the lobby and waiting rooms a more bearable experience through this technology. You can entertain the waiting customers with greeting messages, real-time status reports, and much more.

For a marketing point of view, this healthcare solution is quite lucrative, as it can be used to reach potential customers in a faster way. Customer experience is also enhanced through intriguing and visually engaging content through digital signage.

You can save money by taking the expenditure lost on print advertising out of the picture. EAV has a vast collection of equipment’s that utilize the digital signage quality.

We can install these equipment’s for you so that you can excel in your business and manage your patients in a better way.


  1. Conference Rooms Installed With Video Conferencing And Collaboration

Video conferencing has changed the way people working in healthcare interact. Without video conferencing, there were massive difficulties in communication that were making healthcare slow and comparatively ineffective. With its introduction, doctors can easily link with their patients and staff to seek out for assistance and information in a matter of seconds.

EAV provides you with cutting-edge conference rooms that interlink everything from thermostats to TVs and lights so that you can control them at your will with a single push of a button.

These conference rooms remove hindrances that hampered the progress of healthcare in the past. Doctors who have the inherent desire to study along with their clinical practices can now take advantage of online courses through video technology used in these conference rooms, without having to go to institutes in far off places.

Training and educating employees in bulk and across multiple locations is now a possibility through Video conferencing. They can be informed about important new policies, safety procedures and other details through this technology.

healthcare solutions

  1. Head End Satellite TV System

An advanced head end satellite system will help to micromanage TV devices in the vicinity of the hospital with great success.

EAV manufactures Head end satellite TV of unparalleled quality that is nothing short of a marvel of the technological age.

These systems pass on messages and data to a patient, utilizing the state of the art technology, which ensures that there is no data leakage and is transferred securely.  Viewer convenience is greatly enhanced by troubleshooting availability, channel lineup configuration, channel prioritization and receiver failover.

If you equip your hospital or care center with these healthcare solutions, you’ll be paving your path to success.





Healthcare Solutions

Our Services

Healthcare facilities require extra care when it comes to providing Audio/Video technology throughout. Security, privacy and sound ethics are a necessity in this environment. On-the-ground experience in all aspects of those needs is what sets EAV apart. Some of the services we provide are: digital signage in lobby & waiting rooms, DirecTV from a head-end system providing patient TV’s with programming as well as added content to in-house channels and control of A/V for training rooms, conference rooms and auditoriums. All these services are customized for your needs and budget. We work with administrators, staff and other vendors to make sure your project gets done with accuracy in an expedient manner.

Conference Room

Your staff deserves an efficient, productive and clear cut way to present their work. We can provide an automation system making it possible for virtually everything in your conference room to work together. From lights to thermostats, TVs to projectors, sound systems to video collaboration, we bring the conference room at your healthcare facility into the 21st century.

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Doctors Consult

With modern A/V technology, doctors, nurses and laboratory staff can connect with each other, patients and even a specialist in another facility. It is our goal to help maintain the same high level of professionalism as your staff uses in collaboration with their patients.

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Head End Satellite TV

With a new, HD satellite Head End system, your facility can manage the large scale operation of every TV in the building, or even multiple properties within your healthcare community. Content is securely delivered to patient room TV’s or set-top boxes. Content is always protected using Pro:Idiom technology encryption output over existing RF coax or an ethernet IP network. It includes channel line-up configuration, receiver failover, channel prioritization and troubleshooting features to maximize system uptime and viewer satisfaction.

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Lobby & Waiting Room

Designed as a visitor’s first point of contact with a facility, a lobby or waiting room must send the message, “Welcome. We’re glad you’re here.” With digital signage and video walls, we can provide information and directions, always keeping your healthcare brand at the forefront. Waiting rooms filled with magazines are a thing of the past, displays can both entertain and inform, creating an experience that is positive as opposed to the unappealing “wait time” feeling in the lobby.

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Patient Rooms

Making a patient as comfortable as possible during their recovery is a major goal that is helped along with the right Audio/Video. Healthcare facilities are recognizing the need for larger, high-definition TV’s and a wide range of programming for the modern patient. Integrating with the nurse call remote, audio and channel changing can bolster the patient’s control of their entertainment, and provide them with a more home-like experience.

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Training Rooms

Any healthcare facility recognizes the need to have a strategic plan for growth, training and development of its professionals, and Audio/Video is a key element. To support this growth plan, we can add capabilities to increase the functionality in your training rooms. To make these demonstrations easier, the instructor can use a wireless headset leaving their hands free, while also ensuring they will be heard through flush mounted ceiling speakers above each workstation. With a touch screen display, the presenter can select a source for each screen/display, individuals can be engaged with laptops at their seats, and control of lighting and audio can be set to automatically adjust for classes.

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laptop sharing

Commercial Solutions

Our Services

We design, sell and install audio and video systems in both new construction and existing buildings. Whether a single room or an expandable area, we can outfit your conference and training rooms with all your audio / video needs. We also provide factory paging systems, computer and phone network wiring as well as the hub at your system connection point.

Conference Room

One touch is all you need to set up a winning presentation. We can provide an automation system making it possible for virtually everything in your office or business to work together. From lights to thermostats, TVs to projectors, sound systems to video collaboration, your ideas of control can be as unique as your business.

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Retail Space

Greet your customers with lighting, music and visuals that produce the mood and energy you want to be associated with your brand. Display digital signage of sales and events, as well as short videos that engage and teach your customer about a product or service. Influence buying behavior and keep customers there longer with well-choreographed audio visual experiences.

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Bar And Restaurant

Today’s patrons expect to be visually impressed. Keep them ordering more food and drink by captivating them with digital displays of rotating specials, flat screen ultra-high def TV’s showing the game; even interactive entertainment and ordering right from their tables! From small restaurants to large multi-location venues, we can provide the latest in audio and video applications to match your desires, budget and brand.

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CEO, Brian Chappell, started Experience Audio Video, Inc. in 1999 and has since serviced both homes and businesses throughout Orange County. With an EAV system comes knowledge, understanding and skill. We have over 20 years of experience in the business working with Homeowners, Builders, Architects, Designers, Landscape Contractors and Cabinet Makers. If you are in need of a dedicated Home Theater, Projectors, Surround Sound, Whole House Audio, Phone Systems, Lighting Systems, Flat Screen T.V.’s, and/or Automation we can help.
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They were very professional. They were clean. They were nice. They were pleasant to have in your house doing work. They cleaned up. Overall, I think they did a good job. I was pretty detailed in what I wanted. He gave me advice on what I was looking for. It was so nice of him. The guys were on phone with the owner with any problem that come up or any question about how it should be done, they were on the phone regularly with the owner to make sure everything was done right. I would recommend them. Their hourly price was reasonable because they did by the hour. A couple of things I did buy from them were cheaper than what I would gotten elsewhere. Their estimate was on target. They did really good work.

Sarah C.

We hired EAV after obtaining three quotes to install a new surround sound system, programmable remote, apple tv, amplifier, speakers, etc. Very glad we made the right choice. Everything went very smooth, on schedule, with great communication. They also installed a cooling fan in our equipment cabinet after recognizing the heat buildup would be too much for the components. We had a few issues with the programmable remote a few months after install, and they were quick to respond and come fix the update issue with the software with no trip charge. Awesome company, and Brian the owner runs it the right way, putting customer satisfaction as top priority. Highly recommend.

Scott G.

Experience is a very professional organization. They designed and installed a large and complex home system encompassing: surround sound (balanced & tuned for the room), wall mounted 80″, 55″, and 42″ TVs, satellite reception, universal remotes (for TVs, DVD, CD, and satellite radio), and ceiling speakers for additional rooms. All was completed according to the original proposal & schedule. More importantly they responded to correct the minor glitches that always occur with a new system.