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Audio Must-Haves Mandatory for Your Hybrid Meeting Spaces

Indeed, it is amazing to get hybrid and be technologically advanced. However, arranging the right audio must-haves is something that needs to be ensured! Missing out on arranging the right set of meeting equipment can make things worse than doing good.

If your meeting equipment is not up to the mark, you will lose the synergy between participants and virtual audiences. Your meeting attendees may still adjust even if you have a grainy video, but no one would compromise with poor audio quality. It is really challenging to find the right kind of audio must-haves in your meetings to ensure that your attendees can hear each other clearly.

Audio Must-Haves for Your Hybrid Meeting Spaces

  • Conference speakers

Conference speakers are designed to ensure that you can relay your vocal frequencies with utmost clarity, devoid of any background noises. Today, you can easily get a wide range of sturdy audio solutions for your hybrid meetings. You can simply choose to connect them to a wired conference speaker or via Bluetooth link to your laptop. Simply position it at the center of your room for everyone to hear!

  • Dedicated headphones

Having separate headphones is definitely one of the best ways to increase the audio quality you perceive! While a mixer will just allow you to plug in the audio from different audio sources and stream it to multiple headphones and speakers simultaneously, an in-person headphone will enhance your listening experience even more!

  • Pop filters

A pop filter is suitably the best choice if you are looking for someone to speak on a podium. This will eventually help you improve your attendees’ experience and cut off all the background noises that may otherwise create audio fluctuations while you are attending the call.

  • Line-in and line-out cables

Based on the setup, you will have to invest in different cables. You might not have to go for wires immediately if you have a Bluetooth setup. On the contrary, if you plan to get mixers, microphones, and headphones, you must verify your system’s configuration. Also, ensure that you are using the right cables.

  • Room acoustics

A lot of people do not pay much attention to investing in room acoustics. It is an important parameter that can influence the audio quality of your remote call to a great extent. Know that meeting rooms that do not look cannot be expected to sound good, either! Hardwood furniture, glass walls, and having the floor -to – ceiling windows can reflect and garble the sound. Therefore, you can add drapes and curtains, carpets, sound absorption panels and cloth furniture to improve the quality of your original sound and separate them from the echoes.

  • Having an AEC feature in your meeting room

Matching the requirement of your room with an Audio Echo Canceling (AEC) provision is often ignored. However, it is only when you have an appropriate AEC tuning at your meeting space you can expect the audio system to offer you the desired outcomes. Also, the positioning of the speakers and other noise sources plays a vital role in limiting the audio quality. Optimize it according to your needs.

  • Audio mixers and dedicated microphones

A single conference speaker won’t be enough if you are in a larger room. Therefore, make sure you use dedicated microphones in each and every section of the room. It will help pick up the vocal frequencies even from the distant corners of the room. Also, having an audio mixer will combine the audio from all the microphones present within that enclosed space into a single channel and, thus, feed it to your PC or laptop, whichever you are using!

Bottom line:

Lastly, you should always focus on purchasing AV systems from experienceaudiovideo.com that are easy to install, maintain and adjust as well. Also, having a remote IT team to help you can be a really great idea. However, ensure that you are constantly working on ways to accommodate the requirements of your modern workplace in every possible manner. Do not just stick to a single idea.




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