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Audio Visual Solutions For Coordinating Huddle Spaces In Commercial Offices

huddle spaces

Having one or more huddle spaces in your commercial office is a great way to allow employees to collaborate and communicate in settings less formal than conference rooms, and less distracting than offices.

An ideal huddle space has room for several people to sit comfortable, enough desk space that people can write and/or setup laptops, and an audio/video distribution setup so that ideas can easily be shared with the group.

But as with any commercial office technology, you can’t expect a seamless system to work without some help. These audio visual solutions are ideal for coordinating huddle spaces in your office.

Reserve Spaces Remotely

One of your employees received an email on the way to work regarding an unexpected change that requires the team to meet immediately. Rather than waiting to get onsite, a scheduling app will allow your staff to reserve a room whenever they need to, and from anywhere. As a bonus, that employee could share their huddle room reservation with the rest of the team simultaneously, saving lots of time in the process.

Preprogram Spaces

Rather than fumbling with light switches, monitors, or sound when you’re in a huddle room, what if they could be preprogrammed with your settings beforehand? Allow staff to set desired room temperature, music, and lighting to increase their efficiency.

Optimize Displays

When your commercial office employees are strategizing over an issue together, give them a space to work out ideas where everyone can see them. A smart whiteboard can help everyone keep track of what gets written down, and large display screens can help employees share digital assets.


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