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AV Applications in Today’s Hospitality Sector

Applications of AV in Today’s Hospitality Sector


Technology has become a really hot topic in the hospitality sector today. The operational functionality in the hotels has changed a lot ever since the pandemic kicked in! Also, with the constant upgradation in the field of technology, standing up to the expectations of the competitive market has become inevitable for almost everyone. Therefore, entrepreneurs are now thinking of ways to bring innovations into their businesses to run them smoothly. One of the biggest challenges in the hospitality sector is to satisfy the customers and make sure that the staff and services can meet their guests’ demands. As a result, technology has started making a place in it to make their experiences easier than ever! With the use of AV applications, you can think of methods to ease your guests’ stay. Also, ensure that you can serve them the best of everything, be it food, accommodation, or something else. 

AV Applications in Today’s Hospitality Sector

Here are a few AV applications that you can think of incorporating into your hospitality sector, in case you haven’t done it yet: 

  • Web chatbots

This is certainly a must for any hospitality business today. This ensures that you can deliver a 24/7 service to your customers by answering their questions in a moment. However, complex queries can be transferred to the hotel staff based on the scenario. Big hotel chains are seen to incorporate artificial intelligence today to ensure that their chatbots are more realistic in handling queries. 

  • Contactless payment systems

By providing contactless payments, you can now enhance the stay of your visitors in the hotels. People often feel hesitant about dealing with money despite the vaccinations. However, with modern payment systems and to support the ongoing trend of going cashless, this will be one of the most preferred choices among most of your guests. 

  • Mobile check-in provision

By offering a mobile check-in facility to your guests, you can eliminate the requirement of a reception counter. Indeed, you can save that space and give it away to keep the luggage or use it in a different way altogether. Also, this will help you from the expense of keeping additional staff members you can utilize elsewhere. 

  • Branded concierge apps

These concierge apps are typically meant to help you plan your whole stay right from your smartphone. You can easily access this from your phone – all intending to personalize the experience of your guests during the vacation. From choosing the sights to selecting the restaurants serving their favorite cuisines to picking up different activities in the vicinity, they can do it right from the app! 

  • Keyless entry

With smartphone activated locks and doors, one can easily choose to use such keyless entry systems every time they get in or go out of their hotel rooms. Such access systems often come with fingerprint recognition systems or facial detection technology to get you through! The guests will not have to ask for keys at the front desk anymore. Besides, there won’t be any chance of losing it away, either. 

  • Advanced wifi infrastructure

Today, more and more people are working on the internet. Thus, having adequate bandwidth for your guests is something that you can no way choose to ignore! Whether it is about working online, making video calls, or just playing video games and streaming media – your guests shouldn’t have difficulty using the web with a disrupted service. 

  • Voice control

By incorporating voice-controlled systems in your rooms, you can give a really warm and unique experience to your guests. Thus, they won’t have to bother about switching on/off the lights and thermostats anymore. Also, it will be a great assistance to visually impaired people or old people who may otherwise have a tough time doing so. This is certainly going to stand as one of the biggest innovations till date. Travelers after a hectic schedule can use this room’s voice assistant. This can help them stream their favorite shows, put on the shower, or serve them a glass of water.

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