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AV Contractors for New Residential Construction

AV Contractors

Homebuilders have more attributes to consider when planning a new construction project than they did in the past. Today’s homebuyers often demand homes that have wiring internally placed for ready connection to the internet or to their AV systems. AV contractors work with homebuilders to professionally install these technology components in homes under construction. If you are a builder, is hiring AV contractors for your project the right decision? It likely is for the following reasons:

Most Homebuilders Hire AV Contractors

The majority of homebuilders don’t task their internal crews with installing technology wiring or systems. In fact, 95% of residential builders subcontract technology components and wiring installation to AV contractors. This number reflects the complexity of the task that demands specialists in the field. Additionally, AV contractors that work as authorized dealers for quality AV brands, such as Crestron Home, have access to products that homebuilders may not. By hiring contractors, homebuilders access better technology and expert installation.

Lowers Overall Costs

By choosing specialists to install the internet, audio, video, and other cables and components, the total cost decreases. Professional AV contractors have the tools, knowledge, and abilities to install the correct technology components the first time. Builders who use in-house crews to install these may face setbacks from having to redo work.

Improves Homebuyer’s Experience

With all building projects, the goal lies at the end with the homebuyer. Building for technology-minded homebuyers by having a professional installation of technology systems during construction makes the property more appealing and likely to sell quickly.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. in Southern California for Professional AV Contractor Services

With remote work, streaming services, multiplayer video games, and security systems with live video feeds, the demand in homes for quality high-speed internet and AV systems integrated into them is high. As a builder, you can meet those needs by contacting us at Experience Audio Video Inc. We provide AV contractor services to install top brands into new residential construction projects. Trust us to improve the quality of the homes you build through our high-caliber audio and video integration.









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