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Benefits of Audio Video Wiring Installation During Residential Construction

residential construction

In Southern California, new housing permits during the first half of 2021 exceeded those requested during the same time in 2019. Overall, building new homes seems to be on the rise to meet high demand. Therefore, many people are having new homes built and likely thinking about personalized additions for them. When it comes to residential construction, hiring professionals in audio/video wiring to install wiring and equipment ensures quality work that other contractors might not achieve.

How Home Installation of AV Wiring Differs from Other Electrical Wiring

Standard electrical wiring serves many areas of the home. However, AV wiring requires more knowledge than simply feeding wires through the walls. This arrangement requires working with the others on the construction project to ensure that the wiring and equipment work well with other elements in the home.

Benefits of Professional Installation by AV Experts During Residential Construction

Professional AV installation during residential construction starts with the installer consulting with the designer, architect, and builder to find the best placement for equipment. Based on whether you need home automation, video equipment, audio systems, networking, or telephone lines, they will determine where to place connections and where to feed the wires. This planning ensures that the wiring will service areas of your home where you will need it most.

Added Perks of Expert AV Wiring During Home Construction

Even after the construction phase, you will still get services from the AV experts. Once the home’s building completes, they will return to install your home automation or AV equipment and ensure that everything works as intended. Plus, they will follow up with you after you move in to ensure your satisfaction with the job.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. for Installation of AV Wiring in New Residential Construction

If you are having a home built and want professionally installed AV wiring and equipment, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. We offer residential construction wiring and equipment installation with follow-up services. Our experts know about audio and video equipment and how to produce the best setup for your home. Let us help during construction to give you a well-connected home.




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