September 20, 2017
conference room

What Features Should My New Conference Room Have?

  Building a new conference room is a big deal, after all, company presentations to clients and productivity meetings will be held here. Those are two […]
September 7, 2017
surround sound system

5 Ways to Use a Surround Sound System In Your Home

Do you like to watch movies only at the movie theater on a huge screen with their insane surround sound system? It isn’t always possible to […]
August 22, 2017
automate your home

5 Reasons to Automate Your Home

  The experts are telling everyone they can to automate your home, but what exactly does that mean? Well, the easiest way to explain this is […]
November 2, 2016

Home Automation: It’s not about turning on a light bulb with your phone

Most people think of Home Automation as just an entertainment center with surround sound, a remote and TV. Maybe they’ve installed a light bulb you can […]