December 10, 2021
video interviews

Conduct Better Video Interviews for Your Healthcare Business

When the pandemic required social distancing and in-person office closures, many companies turned to video interviews for their hiring processes. In fact, during the pandemic, 86% […]
December 3, 2021
home automation

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation, also known as having a smart home, has grown rapidly over the last few years, especially in the United States. Americans boasted the highest […]
November 26, 2021
patient rooms

Prioritize Comfort in Patient Rooms in Your Healthcare Facility

Your facility centers on caring for patients. However, you can too easily forget to give them ways to reduce anxiety and relieve boredom. Installing televisions in […]
November 19, 2021
waiting room

Lessen Healthcare Waiting Room Woes with Upgraded A/V

No one likes to sit in a waiting room. However, the reality is that most healthcare patients will spend several hours in these places throughout their […]