How To Create A Huddle Space For Your Commercial Office That Will Increase Efficiency

Gone are the days when every meeting held at your commercial office needed to be in a conference room. Now, more and more companies are coming up with intimate spaces designed to help employees collaborate.

These “huddle spaces” are an ideal way to let various team members get together in a communal space quickly, and will free up your conference room for larger meetings. But what does it take to make your huddle spaces ready to increase your commercial office’s efficiency?

Make It Easy to Connect

Employees shouldn’t need to spend time figuring out how to connect their devices to Wi-Fi or how to turn on display screens. Everything in your huddle room should be intuitive and easy for staff to connect to immediately.

Make Them Pleasant to Be In

You want employees to make use of huddle rooms as a space that helps inspire creativity and collaboration, which means you want them to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Just some simple paint or pops of color on chairs and other furniture can make a significant impact.

Make Them Audio-Visual Powerhouses

The AV technology in your huddle space will be one of the most essential features you need to consider. Video conferencing is a must so that staff can communicate with remote clients or employees. You’ll need a large display screen, a good microphone, and good-quality speakers to ensure that communication is efficient and effective.

Make Them Simple to Access

The beauty of a huddle space is that employees can typically access it much easier than they could a conference room. When you have a digital scheduling system for your huddle spaces, employees can sign up ahead of time to book the room, and all other staff will see that it is in use for the given time period.

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The Ultimate Guide To Huddle Rooms In Healthcare Spaces

Open work environments have become hugely popular in the last decade, as they allow for greater collaboration and dialogue between your entire team. But the problem with these open office layouts in healthcare settings is that employees don’t have a place to discuss confidential information or focus on a project without other distractions. 

For some small office spaces, the solution to this problem is to have employees use a conference room when available for these smaller meetings. But two people sitting around a table for twelve will make it harder for actual discussions to be had and plans to be made.

That’s why huddle spaces have emerged as a popular alternative to larger, stuffier rooms. Employees can reserve and use these spaces that are designed for smaller groups, yet have the technology and amenities to support collaboration. But aside from that, huddle rooms can take any shape or design that is most adaptive to your commercial office’s needs.

You Have to Have A/V Technology

It must be easy for employees to walk into a huddle room and connect their computers or digital devices to shared displays immediately. Time spent fumbling for wires or connections is time wasted.

Even better, match your huddle room’s setup to that in your conference room so anybody in the office can use either space at any time.

You Have to Have Comfortable — And Usable — Seating

Help employees get down to the important stuff with comfortable seating and ample room for laptops and note-taking. But don’t go too casual or your employees may not be able to use the rooms for long; bean bag chairs are easy to move, but not ideal if you’re trying to strategize a company’s future.

You Have to Make Scheduling Easy

Want employees to use these huddle spaces? Have a secure scheduling system that allows people to reserve rooms ahead of time and see when space is available. By utilizing digital displays on the outside of the room and a central calendar, you’ll make sure the area is open to anyone.