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Summertime! 3 Entertaining Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

It’s already summer, so if you’ve been looking longingly at your dull backyard, it’s time to turn it into a year-round outdoor paradise.

With some music, video distribution, and some smart lighting, your yard will be a place that’s ready to entertain, whether it’s just the family or a community cookout. 

But installing the right A/V equipment for outdoors is essential; using indoor equipment means a higher chance of damage and higher replacement costs. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a local and experienced California audio-visual installation team to help plan an outdoor entertaining space that will last.

These three ideas will get you started on your new entertainment space.

  1. Show Movies

Install an outdoor television screen so you can watch the big game or the season finale of your favorite show. Take things a step further and get a projector and a portable screen for night-time movie watching.

  1. Don’t Skimp On Sound

Sound travels a lot differently outside, which means speaker placement needs to be strategic. Too few speakers and you’ll have “dead spots” in your yard, and the wrong placement can mean your neighbors hear your music louder than you do.

  1. Keep Control In Your Hands

You’ll need the right remote to control all of your outdoor A/V elements, but you want something that will stand up to the outdoors. Your remote should be waterproof, large enough to see, and ideally in a color that will make it stand out, even at night.


Beef Up Your Backyard Bar With An Outdoor Entertainment System

Your Southern California backyard space deserves to be enjoyed – are you doing enough to make it usable and fun?

With a backyard bar area, you’re practically giving friends and family reasons to come over and hang out. Not to mention, you have a usable space to dine in the outdoors or just enjoy the breeze.

But a backyard bar area isn’t complete without the right outdoor entertainment system. After all, you’re designing a space that you want to use, so make sure it has all the right equipment. Finish off your backyard bar the right way by making sure it has these three components of a top-class outdoor entertainment system.

  1. A TV

Whether you’re a sports fan or you simply have your favorite TV shows, including a video display as part of your backyard bar means you won’t have to choose between watching TV or enjoying the weather. You can integrate your TV into a cabinet so that it can be hidden when not in use, or keep it out and embrace the sports bar feel.

  1. An Outdoor Sound System

What good is a bar without music? A multiroom music system can be connected to play music indoors and out, and you can choose to place speakers around the backyard to create a real surround sound.

  1. The Right Lighting

Finally, if you want your backyard bar to be enjoyed, you have to make sure you have the right lighting. If the space is too dark, it becomes unusable, but too bright and it might be obtrusive to guests and your neighbors. An outdoor lighting system that can be controlled remotely means the ability to dim or raise lights throughout your backyard in a snap, without even needing to be outside.

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