Make Life Simpler With Control4 Video Distribution At Home

Do you love the idea of being able to walk from room-to-room watching the same thing on every TV? Or listening to your favorite song outside and having it follow you indoors?

When you upgrade to a Control4 system, you’ll guarantee high-quality content throughout your home. From turning one room into a home theater to linking each bedroom’s video content, you’ll make your life endlessly simpler with Control4.

One Remote, All Your Media

With a single remote controlling all of your entertainment systems, you can control any part of your home media from anywhere. Take your music with you to another room or keep watching your movie, all with one remote.

Take Things Further with Control4

Controlling your media is one thing; controlling your environment is another. With the Control4 remote you can add both thermostat and lighting control, so you can create the perfect viewing or listening experience — and change it at any time. When you install motorized blinds in your home, you can control them from any room to help increase energy efficiency and your comfortable viewing.

Get Rid of Unseemly Boxes

A massive benefit of using Control4 for your residential video distribution system is that you can get rid of all of your extra cable boxes and media players. You’ll only need one closet or cabinet to hide away your entertainment portals.

Just Press A Button

To increase convenient access to your entertainment, Control4 offers wall controls that allow you to create settings that can quickly be turned on or off with the touch of a button. Even better, design your wall control in a style that suits the rest of your home.

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Video Distribution in the Boardroom: 3 Essential Tools

There are several kinds of communal meeting spaces in most commercial offices:

  • Huddle spaces provide intimate areas for employee collaboration.
  • Conference rooms offer a larger space for more people and more extensive meetings.
  • Board rooms are where the highest-priority meetings happen, which often require a setting conducive to presentations.

If your board room isn’t outfitted with the right audio-visual technology, both presenters and listeners will have a hard time communicating effectively.

The good news is, an expert audio-visual installation team will be able to help you upgrade your healthcare office’s board room so that you have the right tools on hand, every day. These are three things your board room needs in order to have an effective and efficient video distribution system.

  1. Immediate, Centralized Control

Depending on the size of your office, you may or may not have A/V staff on hand that are experts in your boardroom’s setup, and the members of any given meeting probably aren’t either. You want your room to be ready to go with the touch of a button, which is what you can get with a central video distribution system.

  1. Appropriate Connections

Whether the person presenting needs to connect their laptop or a camera, there should be multiple jacks available where your presenter sets up. There should also be a power cord, so no devices die during the middle of a meeting.

  1. Multiple Quality Displays

Ensure that everyone in the room can see what is being presented with multiple displays, and for larger spaces, pair screens with a central high definition projector.