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How To Choose The Right Spot For Your Home Theater

home theater

Whether you’re designing a new home or have plans to renovate, adding a theater to your California home can be enjoyable for your family and a smart investment. Entertain with the latest Hollywood blockbusters, or stay in for a quiet night in your personal movie theater.

Where should you put your home theater? If you only have one transitional space available such as a spare bedroom or den, your decision is easy. But if you have the choice, there are some things to keep in mind that will help you find the ideal spot.

The Room’s Shape

The ideal room for a home theater will be rectangular so you can maximize screen size while placing seating far enough away to make it comfortable. A square room may distort sounds and make it harder to find the right screen distance, and irregular shapes will make it harder to maximize space usage.

The Room’s Ceiling

Your high, vaulted ceilings may be ideal for dining and enjoying casual TV, but in a home theater, they’ll obliterate your sound. Rather than providing viewers with an immersive experience, you’ll struggle to hear quieter parts and miss the full effects of louder ones with a weakened sound.

The Room’s Windows

The theater is probably the one room in your home where you don’t want windows. Not only will light from outdoors disrupt your viewing experience, but open windows run the risk of washing out projector screens and damaging sensitive equipment.

What You Can Do When You Don’t Have A Choice

All of these setups will create the ideal home theater system, but you can still get by with creative adjustments. Non-rectangular rooms can be measured so that seats are still placed far enough from any screens, and acoustic panels can be added or drop ceilings installed to help damper sound loss. When you have windows, motorized blackout systems will be your best bet in combatting unwanted light.


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