Audio Visual Commercial Conference Room Solutions

Let’s help you revamp your commercial conference rooms with our Crestron products. All businesses need conference rooms for meetings. Adding a modern flair to these rooms makes these business gatherings even more effective; this is why we at Experience Audio Video, Inc. set up this service to help businesses in Orange County get a new look. 

We Perfect How You Connect

Today’s conference room is vastly different from a few years ago. This shift can be summed up in one word: “control.” The end-user may control every feature of their conference room, from the motorized blinds to the video conferencing system. The capacity to remotely access and control conference rooms is becoming increasingly crucial. Data on room utilization can be gathered to help with future conference room expansion decisions. 

Commercial Conference Room Video

Video conferencing is a standard component in almost every conference room, allowing you to collaborate with colleagues worldwide. For many years, video conferencing has been essential for virtual communication. Your video conferencing can grow into a more collaborative experience by employing services supplied by Experience Audio Video, Inc. of Orange County. We make communication more than just a face-to-face experience with our sophisticated technology.

Commercial Conference Room Audio

While the video is a critical component of the conference room interaction, the audio quality can have just as much of a positive or negative influence. Poor sound technology can kill any attempts to communicate. Therefore, conference room audio systems are equally as crucial as the video side of the presentation. 

Installing this technology requires specialized experience because every room behaves differently on an acoustic level; since spaces are often constructed with optics, room acoustics can be rather intricate. Experience Audio-Video Inc. offers the means and knowledge to overcome those obstacles.

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For commercial audio video solutions, contact the experts at Experience Audio Video. Based in Orange County, CA, we have unmatched experience and proficiency in the audio-video industry. 

We offer custom commercial audiovisual services to facilities that wish to install modern audio-video technologies, such as digital signage, video walls, audio-video environments, conference room automation, and lighting systems, in their lobbies and waiting rooms. Having serviced homes and businesses in Orange County for over 25 years, we draw from our wealth of experience in ensuring our services’ reliability and ease of use.

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