Commercial Retail Audio Visual Systems

Let’s help you revamp your commercial retail space with audio and video solutions with Crestron. The benefits of using modern technology for your retail spaces are far-reaching. At Experience Audio Video Inc., we have worked with a variety of retail businesses in Orange County and strive to assist store owners in creating environments that improve their brand and provide customers with an experience that keeps them coming back.

What is retail space?

A physical site where retailers sell items and services to customers is a retail space. Retail space is almost anywhere there are clients to service, including shopping malls, bustling metropolitan regions, suburbia, and even pop-up shops.


At Experience Audio Video, Inc. of Orange County, we are dedicated to retail av solutions and can gladly help you take your business to the next level with an audio and video system as bright as your future.

Why revamp your Retail Space with Crestron? 

Background Music

Experience Audio Video Inc. will design and build a custom sound system for your retail space that will allow you to play music throughout the area and help you create the atmosphere you want for your customers.

Satellite Television and Distribution Systems

We ensure that you have access to all the necessary TV channels for your business by implementing the appropriate equipment.

Video Walls

We generate eye-catching and dynamic images that draw customers into your store by showing bargains and noteworthy announcements on your video wall.

Customer Count Sensors at the Entrance

We use non-contact Entryway Customer Count Sensors to protect and regulate your facility’s occupancy and social distancing limitations. Real-time store capacity monitoring and visual warnings and alerts when customer restrictions are approached or exceeded are provided. 

Digital Signage

We also display engaging visuals for clients to observe throughout your store to communicate essential information about your retail outlet or to alert them about fantastic specials that may be going on.

LED Flat-Panel Displays

On a high-quality LED flat-panel display, show music videos, advertising videos, or any other visual you’d like your customers to see while they’re in your building.

Surveillance by video

Keep an eye on things with the best video surveillance system to keep your employees, customers, inventory, and equipment secure.

Get Started with Our Audio-Visual Solutions for Retail Spaces

When it comes to commercial solutions involving audio and video services Experience Audio Video Inc. has a team of experts with unmatched experience and proficiency in the audio-video industry. 

We offer custom services to commercial facilities that wish to install modern audio-video technologies, such as digital signage, video walls, audio-video environments, conference room automation, and lighting systems, in their lobbies and waiting rooms.

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