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Conduct Better Video Interviews for Your Healthcare Business

video interviews

When the pandemic required social distancing and in-person office closures, many companies turned to video interviews for their hiring processes. In fact, during the pandemic, 86% of companies reported using video interviewing for finding new candidates. If your healthcare business does not have the equipment to conduct video interviews, you could miss out on finding highly qualified candidates. Find out what you need to make the most of video interviewing.

Video Interviews — The Future of Hiring?

While a majority of companies turned to video recruiting during the pandemic, another poll showed 81% of businesses will expect to retain this practice after the pandemic ends. Therefore, you need to future-proof your recruiting practices to include video interviewing for your potential hires. These videos allow you to assess the body language and mannerisms of a candidate, which phone interviews do not permit. Consequently, video offers a better way to interview. Plus, you can talk to remotely located candidates who may relocate for a job but may not be able to travel for only an interview.

Why Your Video Equipment Matters

Your video equipment makes a difference in how well the candidate can see you during the interview and how clearly you can see them. You want a monitor to show the candidate as clearly as possible. Plus, your camera should have HD quality to show you and your company professionally. Poor video quality from your camera negatively reflects on the professionalism of your healthcare company, which could impact whether a candidate accepts a job offer.

Plus, when you invest in video and audio equipment for better interviews, you also have the tools at hand to facilitate better telehealth appointments and virtual meetings. These tools, increasingly in use in the healthcare industry, are vital to offering care and connecting with colleagues.

What Upgrades You Should Consider for Conducting Video Interviews

For your video interviews, you may need to upgrade your cameras, monitors, and audio equipment. These categories are also the things you want to upgrade if you will conduct video meetings or telehealth appointments. You might consider setting up a meeting room to conduct your video interviews, telehealth consultations, and meetings. Setting up a single space can help you to save money by using one space instead of several. However, depending on your facility, you might need separate rooms for each activity.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. to Improve Your Hiring Practices Through Video Interviews

Make the most of hiring healthcare employees by using video interviews. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to make sure that you have the equipment needed to put your business’s best face forward and to see the interviewees more clearly. We can help you with equipping your office with the best AV devices to improve video interviewing. 








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