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Audio and video solutions are inevitable in a tech-guided lifestyle. Whether you’re happy to call home or your 9-to-5 setting, an advanced A/V system can make a difference. We provide A/V contractors with audio-video systems for any transformational residential or commercial job. We source the finest A/V solutions you’re getting paid for, setting them up to make your customers’ places smarter.

Improved entertainment experience, security, and comfort are only a few things your customers can benefit from once your project is over. Teaming up with EAV is a win-win for any audio-visual contractor interested in installing high-end sound and video systems. Even though A/V integration can be challenging, expanding your portfolio with EAV projects is a child’s play when we guide you along the way.

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An A/V project in its initial stages is like an artist’s canvas. To make it into the bigger picture, you need to develop the right strategy and use high-quality products.

Whether you are an audio-video contractor serving customers in the hospitality and leisure industry or working on residential projects, EAV is here to supply genuine Crestron home theaters. These are the gold standard of A/V transformation, known for ensuring a startling listening and watching experience; these are the gold standard of A/V transformation.

Crestron solutions are head and shoulders above other products in the same price range and can be easily configured for your customers’ needs. Even if you have never installed or fine-tuned a home theater, we’ll keep you updated on the best practices.

EAV cooperates with sound-video contractors in Orange County and beyond. You can expect special pricing for any home theater system we source for you. Contact us for more information on what A/V solutions you can install with EAV.

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