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Control Lighting in Windowed Conference Rooms with Motorized Shades

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If you have windows in your conference rooms, you owe it to your employees to get shades to cover the windows for privacy and better clarity of the video screen in the room. Motorized shades offer an effortless way to get multiple windows quickly covered or uncovered at the touch of a button. Get your meetings off to the best start possible and avoid delays caused by manually closing shades when you get motorized shades.

Motorized Shades for Reducing Distractions in Conference Rooms

When you install motorized shades in your conference rooms, you can control lighting and reduce distractions for those on the other end of the meeting. Even Zoom recommends directing cameras away from windows to keep activity outside the window from becoming a background distraction. You can cover the windows quickly with motorized shades. These coverings also reduce distractions for those in the conference rooms by blocking out the external activity.

Regulate Lighting with Motorized Shades

Using motorized shades gives you more control over lighting levels in the meeting room. However, bright, sunny days or cloudy, rainy days both can impact the natural light that comes into your meeting room. Consequently, using motorized shades will eliminate this variable. Additionally, when you use exclusively artificial lighting, you create the ideal location and brightness for the light coming into the room.

Best Sources of Lighting for Conference Rooms

For meetings, you want to have light behind the camera to light up your face. However, if you have presentations on a screen in your conference rooms, you will want to turn down all the lights to improve the visibility of the images on the screen. Therefore, using artificial lights in the room and covering windows with shades reduces the problems of glare in both instances.

Get Motorized Windows and Other Solutions for Your Conference Rooms from Experience Audio Video Inc.

At Experience Audio Video Inc., we can help you to attain the ideal conditions for focus in your conference rooms. Plus, with our knowledge of meeting spaces, we can reduce glare and excessive light with motorized shades, provide automatic lighting, upgrade your video systems and improve your meeting audio. Contact us today to start having more productive meetings in your conference spaces.




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