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March 11, 2022
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Control Options for Your Home Automation System

home automation

home automation

When having a smart home system installed, you will have several options for controlling it. Both Crestron and Control4 offer remote, touchpad, switch, and app control of their home automation products. Comparing the various control methods can help you choose which one or more of these you want to have in your home.

Remote Control

Remote controls are a comfortable way for many people to begin using smart home technology. Most people know how to use TV remotes or even universal remotes for audio and video equipment. The remote controls for smart homes go beyond just entertainment options. These controls give you access to the lights, thermostat, security alarm, and much more. With this option, you don’t have to worry about notifications for text messages or emails distracting you from operating your home automation systems.


Touchpads are another option that does not require your mobile device. These screens sit on a table or counter or mount on a wall and offer a centralized spot to operate your home’s automated components. Unlike tablets or phones, you cannot lose touchpads or worry about other programs on them. These dedicated touchscreens don’t have other programs on them to ensure the fastest response to your operation. The intuitive operation means that you don’t need to install a new program or learn how to use an app.

Wall-Mounted Keypads

The easiest, clearest method of controlling home automation systems is with a wall-mounted keypad. Professionally programmed, these allow you to turn off all the lights, turn on lights for reading, adjust light brightness for movie watching, and more, at the touch of a single button. These types of keypads are ideal for those who don’t want touchpads or remotes or those who prefer the simplest control option possible. 

Mobile App

The mobile app is one of the most popular ways to control a smart home because this app lets you operate your home’s lights, heating, cooling, audio, and more from anywhere. Therefore, most people choose to download and use the mobile app in addition to other control options.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. for Home Automation Systems and Their Control Options

If you want to have the most responsive, innovative home automation equipment in your home, trust the top brands Crestron and Control4. Experience Audio Video Inc. is one dealer in Orange County that can offer you options from these brands, including all the home control methods. Contact us to find out how you can take control of your smart home. 










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