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Controlling Connected TVs and More from One App

home automation

Home automation systems are part of a rising trend of devices connected to the internet and to improved controls. Using a remote or an app, users gain control over almost anything in their homes connected to the automated system, including connected TVs and more. Is a smart home system the right option for you? If you already have technology such as a connected TV, you may already be ready to transition into automation for your home.

What Are Connected TVs?

Connected TVs are those that have an internet connection for streaming movies and shows from services such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and more. In the United States, 74% of Americans watch 8 billion hours of connected TV monthly. If you are one of these with a connected TV, you have a device that may already connect to your home’s network and can easily integrate with your home automation systems.

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation gives you remote access to the controls for several parts of your home. With this system, you can control everything from your lights, window shades, and thermostat to your music and connected TVs. The benefit of home automation is the controls for everything can condense to an app on your mobile device. Therefore, you can sit in your home theater, choose your movie on your favorite streaming service on your connected TV, turn down the lights, and adjust the volume of your speakers without getting out of your chair.

Why Home Automation Is Ideal for Your Connected TV and More

You already know that connecting your TV to the internet gives you access to more movies and shows than you could watch before. The same is true with automated systems. By connecting your home’s systems to central control over the internet that you can access with your smartphone, you gain even more control over your home than you’ve ever had. You’ll be able to turn off the lights in the kitchen from your bedroom, raise the thermostat from your office, or check your home security cameras while lounging on the beach. Smart home systems can do all this and much more.

Trust Experience Audio Video Inc. to Upgrade Your Home’s Controls and Integrate Automation

Connected TVs are one way that connectivity can benefit you in your home. Automation systems connected to a control app lets you take charge of operating your connected TV, thermostat, security cameras, audio system, lights, and much more. Upgrade your home’s systems to automated ones. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. today to find out about the ways that you can use connectivity throughout your home to upgrade your life.




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