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Automating your home with Crestron is a luxury. But to Experience Audio Video, Inc., setting up smart systems from this brand is a privilege. As a Crestron-certified dealer, we can automate residential spaces using the Crestron Home technology for your enhanced comfort, security and convenience in Orange County, California.

Crestron Home marries smart home technology with Internet-connected products and devices installed in residential spaces. Together, they turn your home into a personalized environment as you control your lights, doors, shades, thermostats, audio-video systems and more from a single platform.

Crestron products for a connected home

Lights and shades

Controlling Crestron lighting and motorized shades is sheer delight. It only takes one tap to turn on/off lights throughout your home and open/close shades depending on the occasion or your privacy needs.

Crestron lighting
Crestron home


Adjust your indoor climate as you see fit. Crestron products use multiple sensors to allow for hassle-free temperature adjustments, personalized schedules and reduced energy bills.

Locks and door stations

With Crestron Home Access products, you can greatly add to the security of your home. Once interconnected, they let you lock, unlock and control access to your place remotely.


Audio and video systems

Crestron’s speakers, amplifiers, and video distribution solutions lay the groundwork for a smart home. Whatever your vision is, we are here to tailor the listening experience to what you are doing.

Control systems

While Crestron technology may seem sophisticated, it’s easy to get a handle on it. You can access all your smart home control functions from just one device, be it your smartphone, wall-mounted touch screen or tabletop.

home automation

When these products are properly set up and configured, your home will become a more enjoyable place to live in for your whole family. What is equally important is that Crestron lights, locks and flawless integration with security cameras around your house will ensure you feel safe and that your valuables are protected.

What can we do as a Crestron dealer in Orange County?

Being a certified dealer gives us more opportunities to serve the residents of Orange County who are looking to upgrade their homes. But it also comes with professional responsibilities that Experience Audio Video, Inc. is happy to take on.

Here’s how we can help make your home smarter as an authorized Crestron dealer.


If it looks like your home can become better with some of the Crestron products, let our team install them in the blink of an eye. Just point to the lighting, audio-video or other solutions you want to have in your place — and we’re on it. We’ve been “smartening up” homes with high-tech systems for years and will be delighted to connect Crestron to yours.

Integration & Configuration

A smart home means a connected home. But you don’t have to connect things on your own. At Experience Audio Video, Inc., we can integrate Crestron software into your at-home systems and program all control units, including smartphones, tablets, tabletops and touch screens. Our technicians can then configure the settings for all your rooms so that it feels personalized from day one.


We take pride in being a highly trained Crestron dealer. We are always here to support your Crestron system, and we are also dedicated to training you on your new home system. To ensure all your family members can use it to their advantage, we provide Crestron Home training should you need help. With the guidance of our technicians, you’ll never grapple with confusing settings or tricky system functions.


System maintenance is one of the key services we offer as a Crestron dealer. With our service contracts we can help maintain and service anything that needs to be done to make and keep your home smart without a hitch. Think scheduled check-ups of your system performance, software updates and prompt troubleshooting. 

Revamp your home with technology

Want to make your home tech-savvy with Crestron? Experience Audio Video, Inc. is looking forward to starting your residential transformation project. Once you decide on which  products to bring into your home, we are ready to advise on configurations and set them up.

Contact us to talk to the leading Crestron dealer in Orange, CA, and find out what’s best for your home!

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