Crestron Home

Crestron Home — Make your home smarter and connected

Have you always wanted to turn your home into your assistant that can also make you feel safer? It’s easier to do than you might think. At Experience Audio Video, Inc., we are your place for Crestron home service in Orange County, CA. Crestron home services brings automation to your home with the innovative Crestron Home technology. Get it installed now to make your place brighter, more relaxing and secure whenever your family wants it.

Crestron Home automation technology brings home system products and software together to infuse comfort and peace of mind into all your rooms. It gives you app-level control over your place to adjust window coverings, set up audio experiences, minimize the risk of break-ins and so much more.

What’s included in the Crestron Home automation system?

Crestron Home has been developed to underpin three pillars of a happy home: security, comfort and convenience. This technology is an amazing addition to your home, with custom configurations to your liking. 

Never again feel unsafe at home

Crestron Home can be connected with security cameras around your house, creating a control center and allowing you to keep an eye on your property from your smartphone 24/7. Whether you’re away or too tired to go downstairs to check where a noise is coming from, you can remotely access your cameras and view what’s going on in real-time.

There’s more to home automation with Crestron in terms of security. This system makes it a cinch to see which of them are currently locked and unlocked by connecting all your doors and gates. You can also monitor your smart home alarms just as easily for intrusion protection.

Turn any space into the most welcoming one

Crestron home technology helps you stay warm and avoid eye strain due to inadequate lighting every day. For your comfort, the system allows you to remotely turn on lights and thermostats on your way home and turn them off when you leave. It can also be connected with HVAC systems to adjust your indoor climate to your family’s needs.

Elevated comfort aside, controlling your indoor/outdoor lights and thermostats can help you cut your utility bills. It’s always a win-win when you feel warm, and your place is well-lit without eating into your savings.

Make a difference in your listening and watching experience

With Crestron Home audio systems and video products, you will get to personalize how you listen to your playlists and binge-watch your favorite movies. Once connected with compatible audio devices, Crestron Home enables you to take your favorite music to any room, to any space, at any volume. You can even set up listening zones to fully immerse yourself and your guests into tunes. Audiophile-grade audio quality ensures that everyone enjoys them to the fullest.

The Crestron smart home system for video is a great addition to any home. It’s customizable and highly immersive at 4K. What’s more, if you love to watch different content simultaneously, this system can be configured for several TVs.

How can you control the Crestron smart home?

Even though Crestron Home is smart, it’s you who are in the driver’s seat. Using the Crestron control system, you can personalize the settings for your home’s security, comfort, and convenience. Several options are available:

  • Smartphone or tablet app
  • Dedicated touch screens
  • Remote controls
  • Keypads and switches

The control system brings all parts of your smart home together so that you can personalize or change anything you want from one place, be it your smartphone or touch screen. It’s a no-brainer!

How much does Crestron Home automation cost?

As an authorized dealer for Crestron, Experience Audio Video, Inc. can automate your home with the brand’s smart systems. What it will cost you depends on the square footage of your place and the technology you want your home to embrace.

We can also provide Crestron integration technology training for you and your loved ones. We can teach you to use the control panel and adapt the settings so that every member of your family can make the most of home automation.

Contact us to discuss your Crestron automation project and get a quote.