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Digital Signage to Point Patients in the Right Direction at Medical Facilities

digital signage

Your medical facility can reap multiple benefits from installing digital signage and interactive screens throughout the building. These signs can facilitate foot traffic, prevent individuals from getting lost, and speed sign-in processes. With professionally selected and installed digital signage, your medical facility can operate more efficiently.

Keep Foot Traffic Moving

Digital signs offer clear information that multiple people can consult at one time. The result is more people finding out which suite, room, or floor they need to go to quickly. Consequently, foot traffic in the halls of a medical professional building or care facility keeps moving.

When foot traffic does not stop, doctors and nurses can get to patients quickly without getting caught behind groups of visitors or patients trying to find their destinations.

Prevent Lost Patients and Visitors

Lost patients and visitors to medical facilities can take up time from staff members who need to guide them to their destinations. However, digital signage can allow these people to select their destination from a list and get directions to the site.

Because individuals using these signs are less likely to get lost, they can arrive at their appointments on time. Since the facility does not have to accommodate as many late patients, they can stay closer to set schedules for physicians and other medical professionals.

Speed Up Sign In

In 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended that medical facilities educate visitors on the signs and symptoms of viral disease and how to prevent it. Additionally, many facilities implemented temperature checks to isolate individuals running fevers. While staff took over these hands-on tasks, check-in processes lagged behind.

After approval for entry due to a lack of fever or other symptoms, visitors who needed to go to a clinical office still had to go through check-in. Digital touch screens that allow individuals to sign in themselves help to ease the work of office staff while getting people checked into facilities faster.

Contact Experience Audio Video to Get Digital Signage and More for Your Medical Facility

Make traffic flow through your facility faster and ease the efforts of staff by including interactive digital signage and touch screens. Contact us at Experience Audio Video for more information on the solutions that will satisfy these needs and others.





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