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Dreaming Of A Home Theater? 5 Design Choices To Get You Started

home theater

If you have space for one, a home theater is a great way to entertain both your family and friends. You’ll get the surround sound and big picture experience of going to a theater without needing to deal with lines, worry about seats, or navigate around other people.

Another great thing about a home theater is that you can customize it to your exact style and design preferences, meaning you can fit it to the rest of your home or make it its own entertainment space. If you’ve been thinking about getting a home theater, these design choices will help you get started.

  1. Wall Murals

You can get a movie theater feel right at home without the outdated look. Consider a mural for your walls, either using the theme of cinema or something else entirely.

  1. Carpeting

A thick-pile carpet will help you dim the sound of your theater from disrupting the rest of your home. Choosing a dark color will make sure that movie watchers aren’t distracted and have a comfortable place to rest their feet.

  1. Track Lighting

You don’t want the abrupt change of turning off overhead lights to focus on a screen, so dimmable track lighting will give you enough light to get settled before the big show. Keeping your lighting on a low setting during films can also help reduce eye strain and help people get in and out as needed.

  1. Seat Risers

A home theater will be small enough to accommodate at least two or three rows of seats, but you’ll give everyone an excellent viewing experience by putting seats beyond the first row on risers. As a bonus, you can use that extra space to help dampen excess sound, or even use it for storage.

  1. Seating Areas

Get creative with space usage by making a seating arrangement instead of just traditional theater seats. A couch is a great way to lay back or cuddle with a loved one, and adding a row or two of theater seats behind this setup creates a separate area giving everyone options.

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