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April 8, 2022
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Enjoy Incredible Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining

outdoor entertaining

outdoor entertaining

The lighting that you have around your home’s exterior has several jobs. Most people only think of security lighting outside. But, if you do outdoor entertaining after dark, the lights that you have in your yard can also illuminate your gatherings.

How You Can Improve Your Outdoor Entertaining with Lighting

Once the sun sets, the lights that you have in your yard will be all that you will have. You need to plan for your outdoor lights to illuminate entryways for security. However, you should also consider alternative uses for outdoor lighting. Many of the same applications for indoor lighting will also work outside. Consider these lighting uses to improve your outdoor entertainment events.

Mood Creation

Lighting and mood are natural partners. Slightly dimming lights prepares people for movie watching or enjoying a quiet, calm conversation. Bright lights encourage conversation and are better when you want to play games outside after dark.

Light Up Cooking and Dining Areas

Outdoor barbecue or kitchen areas require ample bright light for the person cooking to be able to see clearly. If they cannot see what they’re doing, they could become injured.

Adding bright outdoor lights around cooking areas lets you prepare the food right outside where the rest of the people for the event will be. Plus, everyone can clearly see the progress of the meal. If you have the lighting connected to your phone app, you can set the lights from bright for cooking to dimmer for more comfortable dining.

Make Pools Safer and More Beautiful

Pools should have ample lighting around them so you can always see who is around and in the pool. Good lighting makes pool areas safer. Plus, accent lighting around the pool area can also make the space more inviting when you have people over for outdoor entertaining. 

Get Outdoor Lighting and Controls from Experience Audio Video Inc.

You can make your backyard better illuminated for any gathering. At Experience Audio Video Inc. we can install the lights and the controls that you need to make the most of your yard at any time of the day. With well-known brands in lighting and controls such as Control4 and Crestron, we can provide you with the best lights around your home and the means to operate them. Contact us now to get started on improving your outdoor entertaining with better lighting.









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