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Enjoy World Class Illumination in Your Workplace with Crestron Lighting Solutions

Crestron lighting

Automate the lighting systems in your workplace and improve illumination with Crestron and its lighting products. This world-renowned producer of high-tech solutions for lighting and more only allows their products sold through participating dealers. When you need the best lighting for your workplace and insist on Crestron, reach out to us at Experience Audio Video Inc., your Crestron dealer in Southern California.

Workplace Lighting Solutions

The workplace needs adequate lighting to keep employees functioning at their peak. They need enough light to protect them from eye strain and to prevent sleepiness. However, using too many bright lights can drain your building’s operating costs by raising the amount of money you spend on electricity. Create customized lighting solutions for your workplace to balance both with Crestron lighting for business.

Crestron Lighting Controls and Connectivity to the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Crestron Zum line of lighting products connects either wirelessly or via wires to your network. The sensors and keypads control lights within zones. Plus, you can connect these to Zum Net, an enterprise IoT network for Crestron Zum devices. This network allows lighting systems to communicate with each other and for a user to control them as needed. You also have the option to connect various third-party systems to this network for fully automated lighting, data, acoustic, and environmental controls in your building.

Take Charge of Your Building’s Operating Costs

By controlling the lighting, you take charge of reducing the amount of electricity your building uses without leaving workers in the dark. With Crestron, you choose how you control the system, via the Zum Net, app, or another method. Greater control over lighting improves how much you can impact spending on your building’s utilities. Trust Crestron to have the lighting solutions you need to maximize control and productivity in your commercial building.

Make Experience Audio Video Inc. Your First Choice for a Local Crestron Lighting Dealer

With the right lighting, you can save money and improve productivity in your workplace. For these and other commercial solutions, you need an expert in workplace technology and installation, Experience Audio Video Inc. We are also a Crestron dealer and can install the lighting controls and devices from this brand into your workplace. Get started with improving illumination and control in your workplace by contacting us at Experience Audio Video Inc.





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