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Experience Audio Video Inc. – Your Crestron Dealer in Orange County

crestron dealer

crestron dealer

For high-quality, commercial-grade automation equipment, you cannot just go to an electronics store and get Crestron products off the shelf. You need to work with an authorized provider. In Orange County, Experience Audio Video Inc. is your source for all the high-tech solutions from Crestron for both your home and business. Learn more about the many Crestron options you can access from us.

Crestron Dealer Can Help with Residential and Commercial Lighting

Crestron offers both commercial and residential-grade lighting products. For home use, you can program these lights to create a specific mood, increase security, or save energy. For office use, lighting options can improve productivity, make viewing screens in meetings easier, and cut down on wasted electricity.

Meeting Room Table Optimization

In meeting rooms, you need more power to the tables where participants gather. Crestron Fliptops provide a convenient source of power for everyone present. Each fliptop can provide power, HDMI, ethernet, and audio connections. The presenter can quickly connect their device to the projector, reducing time wasted during the meeting.

If you include several other of these Fliptops at tables, you can also provide wired Internet and power for those seated. No one will have to bow out of the meeting early due to a run-down battery on their laptop or tablet. These Fliptops are the ultimate productivity tool you need for your meeting spaces.

Motorized Crestron Shades

Motorized shades allow you to save electricity and indulge in more natural sunlight. These shades can raise and lower based on a schedule or at the push of a button. With motorized shades and indoor lighting solutions, you have the most control over the amount and type of light that comes into your space. Both homes and businesses use motorized shades from Crestron to save on lighting bills and increase mood-building natural light into living or working spaces.

Make Experience Audio Video Inc. Your Crestron Dealer in Orange County and the Surrounding Area

Don’t settle for subpar off-brands. You deserve the best in home and business automation and more. Contact us online at Experience Audio Video Inc. anytime or phone us Mondays through Fridays to learn more about the Crestron products that we can integrate into your personal or business life. We want to be your only choice when you need a Crestron dealer in Orange County.









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