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Great Weather at a Cost: Why You Need Motorized Shades in Your Southern California Home

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Sunny California is more than a marketing phrase. The Los Angeles area has 284 sunny days, annually. Compare that to the 205 sunny days for the United States average. This regular sunny weather can cause problems for home interiors, especially for those who keep their window coverings open during the day. If you live in Southern California, you should have protection for your home’s interiors from the sun even more so than you will need outdoor protection from the rain. Motorized shades may provide the answer to your problems caused by too much sun inside your home.

What Are Motorized Shades?

Motorized shades are window coverings that use remote control access to rise or descend. If desired, you can even connect your shades to a program that adjusts their levels throughout the day to optimize the amount of daylight entering your home while reducing damage from the harshest UV rays.

How Motorized Shades Protect Your Interiors

Your home’s interior fabrics, paints, wall coverings, and pictures are not designed to sustain full sun for even a few hours. Regular exposure to sunlight can cause fading fabrics or peeling paint. Protect your home’s interior colors and materials with motorized shades.

These shades filter out the damaging UV rays while allowing subtle light through. As the sun goes down, you can increase the daylight that comes into your home to brighten living spaces. By automating when the shades operate, you can effortlessly maintain your home without needing to remember to manually close drapes or blinds.

Added Benefits of Motorized Shades

Since motorized shades allow filtration of light, you can still benefit from natural lighting during the morning and evening. These times let you use natural light instead of artificial lights, which can reduce your energy bills.

Additionally, motorized shades reduce the greenhouse effect in your home. Therefore, your house stays cooler in the afternoons, and you need to use your air conditioning less often or run it at a higher temperature. In chilly conditions, you can open the shades to increase the internal temperature of your home and reduce your heating costs.

Automate Your Home’s Window Treatments with Help from Experience Audio Video Inc.

At Experience Audio Video Inc., we work with many ways to help homeowners automate aspects of their lives. Controlling the window treatments in your home is only one of the many types of automation we can provide. Contact us today to find out more about motorized shades and other home automation options to make your home a more livable space.





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