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Healthcare AV Solutions in Lobbies and Rooms

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Obtaining treatment for a medical condition at a healthcare facility is a stressful experience for both the patient and their loved ones. Improve your facility’s customer service by providing healthcare AV options in the waiting rooms and patient areas. With screens and sound, patients and their families can feel more relaxed as they wait for care.

Lobby or Waiting Room AV Solutions

Audio and video options for waiting rooms in healthcare facilities should go beyond a TV in the corner and scratchy music played overhead. These low-quality solutions might have worked in the 1990s, but those in waiting rooms can feel more distracted and stressed from poor audio and video than comforted.

Instead, have HD TV screens installed, which have larger screens and provide better images than old CRT TVs. Upgrading your lobby’s audio system allows for clearer announcements and better music. These improvements can make relaxing while waiting easier for patients and their families.

Patient Room AV Solutions

Patients who must stay for extended times in healthcare facilities often suffer from boredom. Patient room TVs and good audioare ways to alleviate the tedious waiting for discharge. For healthcare facilities, these TV remotes can have nurse call buttons integrated to make them more useful for the space and reduce the patient effort to call for assistance. As with waiting room AV solutions, the quality of sound and video matter in patient rooms for providing a relaxing environment.

How These AV Options Can Improve Comfort in Healthcare Facilities

The waiting room AV is likely the first impression patients have when entering a healthcare facility. Make it a positive one with high-quality audio and video. Using patient room and waiting room AV solutions to help everyone to take their mind of the appointments can make the process of getting care easier, even for people scared to go to the doctor.

Improving patient comfort could make a difference in whether they receive care. Up to one in three people purposefully avoid going to the doctor, while another 12% of adults have a diagnosable phobia of doctors. Installing quality waiting room AV reduces the clinical feeling of the lobby. This makes patients’ first moments more relaxed. By reducing the clinical appearance of your lobby, you may help reduce patient fears of getting health care.

Trust Experience Audio Video Inc. for Installation of Patient Room and Waiting Room AV Solutions

Your patients deserve the best AV experience to reduce stress while waiting. Get professional installation of quality AV products from well-known brands such as Samsung and Apple. At Experience Audio Video Inc., we install these and other products into healthcare facilities and others. Also, we are authorized to sell and install Crestron products, a high-caliber line of AV solutions for residential and commercial applications. When you demand quality products and installation to optimize patient comfort, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. in Southern California.











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