Healthcare Lobby and Waiting Room Services

Our Crestron products are not just for conference rooms; many healthcare experts come to us for the best in lobby and waiting room solutions too! Did you know that many people report feeling uneasy and anxious when sitting in a healthcare facility’s lobby or waiting room? Incorporating audio-video technology in your healthcare waiting rooms and lobbies can create places for patients to relax and feel at ease. With our lobby AV solutions, you can make a positive first impression in your visitors’ minds. 

To assist you in creating an enjoyable experience for your visitors, our team at Experience Audio Video, Inc. offers the complete installation of modern audio-video technologies in healthcare facilities in Orange County.

Lobby and Waiting Room Digital Signage

Navigating through the maze-like designs of hospitals can be challenging, especially for new visitors. Frustrated visitors often resort to hospital staff for directions, which may disrupt the regular operational flow in the medical facility. Digital signage throughout your healthcare facility can help you guide visitors to their destinations by displaying a detailed map of the building and physician directories. 

  • Digital signage in your waiting room can also display estimated waiting times, provide educative health information, and promote your hospital’s specialties. Implementing modern waiting room av solutions like digital signage helps visitors find answers to their questions independently, reduces waiting time, and enhances the overall healthcare experience of your visitors. 

Video Walls

Keeping your visitors’ minds preoccupied with some entertainment in the lobby can help ease the uneasy feeling of waiting to see a physician. Video walls can stream exciting or educational content to keep patients’ minds off their upcoming appointment and lessen their anxiety. 

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Waiting Room and Lobby Audio Systems

Research shows that music in hospital waiting rooms reduces stress and anxiety levels in visitors. Installing an audio system in your lobby can calm your visitors’ nerves and create a more comfortable environment. The music serves as a distraction that relaxes them and wards off any negative emotions they may be feeling regarding their appointment. 

The audio system also allows you to communicate pertinent information through audio messaging or page the next patient to enter the physician consulting room. Automated systems like Crestron integrate and will enable you to control the audio and video in your waiting rooms from one platform. 

Headend Satellite TV

With a new, HD satellite Headend system, your facility can manage the large-scale operation of every TV in the building, or even multiple properties within your healthcare community. Content is securely delivered to patient room tvs or set-top boxes. Content is always protected using Pro: Idiom technology encryption output over existing RF coax or an ethernet IP network. It includes channel line-up configuration, receiver failover, channel prioritization, and troubleshooting features to maximize system uptime and viewer satisfaction.


Your Certified Crestron Dealer for your Lobby and Waiting Room in Orange County, California

For Healthcare Solutions Involving Audio and Visual Services, Choose Experience Audio Video. 

Based in Orange County, CA,  we have an unmatched experience and proficiency in the audio-video industry. 

We offer smart transformation to healthcare facilities that wish to install modern audio-video technologies, such as digital signage, video walls, audio-video environments, conference room automation, and lighting systems, in their lobbies and waiting rooms. Having serviced homes and businesses in Orange County for over 25 years, we draw from our wealth of experience in ensuring our services’ reliability and ease of use.

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