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Healthcare Training Rooms with Better A/V Technology

training rooms

Healthcare professionals require a specific number of continuing education hours annually, depending on their locations and positions. For instance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is accredited to offer continuing education (CE) courses to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and veterinarians. Healthcare workers can take CE courses via live conferences, workshops, or webcasts. Webinars are another means of getting information. Other entities operate with similar delivery methods.

If you want to help your workers to attain their CE requirements, you may outfit your healthcare facility with training rooms that allow for interactive webcasts, webinars, or meetings. Plus, you need to make sure that your workers have all the tools they need to get the most from training. Here’s how to improve your training rooms with better A/V technology.

Headset Microphones

Headsets within the training rooms allow everyone to clearly hear the trainer or presenter. Plus, the speakers don’t need to hold a handheld mic or worry about wiring a lapel mic. to hold a microphone. Since they have their hands free, they can more easily interact with a touch screen, use their hands to gesture toward the screen, or to control their computer.

For participants in webinars or web meetings, using headsets instead of relying on their notebook mics ensures that everyone has the same quality of audio when asking questions or otherwise talking to the remote speaker.

Interactive Screens

A touch screen display takes the concept of a tablet and turn it into a wall-sized screen that everyone in the training session can see. This screen puts the presenter in front of the group instead of behind their computer screen. Depending on the model of interactive screen, they may be able to use a stylus to draw on the board or simply to tab through the pages of a presentation.

Better Lighting

Training rooms need enough lighting to allow for participants to take notes and see their computers while still being able to see the presentation screen. Lighting controls that darken the lights over the presentation screen while leaving the lights over those training can help to balance the light. Plus, with properly setup systems, the presenter can create the ideal lighting for the training session at the touch of a button.

Contact Experience Audio Video to Improve Your Healthcare Training Rooms

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