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Home Automation Allows for Aging in Place

aging in place

Growing older often comes with concerns about where you will go if you have trouble caring for yourself. Almost all, 90%, of Americans over 50 want to stay in their homes, a concept known as “aging in place.” Whether you are considering this option for yourself or have an aging parent who wants to stay in their home, home automation can allow older adults to live independently longer.

Why Aging in Place Is Important

Many people want to stay in their homes because they feel a greater sense of comfort there. Plus, they appreciate being able to remain independent in their lives, even if doing some chores become more difficult due to illness or physical limitations. For instance, an older adult might not want to move around the house to change the lighting in every room. Instead, they might use fewer lights or leave the lights on because it is easier. Home automation helps chores such as these by turning control over from separate switches around the house to a centrally located control panel or app.

Automation Solutions for Aging in Place

Home automation includes controls for heating and cooling systems, lights, window shades, music, and security cameras. By controlling these home systems from an app, a person who wants to age in place can easily turn off the lights in a room, open the shades, turn on music throughout the home, and turn down the air conditioner all from the comfort of their chair. They can also check on a pet in the backyard through security cameras in their home that also connect to their app.

Peace of Mind for Loved Ones

The residents who choose to age in place are not the only ones who benefit from automation. Relatives can also get peace of mind if they have access to the senior’s security cameras. For instance, if a senior does not answer their phone or respond to text messages, going to the home for an in-person visit would normally be the only option. For those who don’t live nearby, this can be difficult. With access to the security cameras, a relative can see whether their loved one has fallen and cannot reach the phone or simply turned off their phone and didn’t see the messages.

Make Your Home a Site for Aging in Place Today to Future Proof It for Yourself or Relatives

Whether you anticipate aging in place or have a relative who wants to do so now, find out more about our automation options from us at Experience Audio Video Inc. We can install the home automation solutions that will help make life easier. Plus, you don’t have to be a senior to enjoy the convenience of automation. In fact, installing automated systems now will give you more time during your day now. Contact us today for home automation solutions in Southern California at Experience Audio Video Inc.




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