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Home Automation Systems to Improve Your Lifestyle and Home Value

home automation


Of the many things that can improve a home’s value, people often forget that modern additions, such as home automation, are quickly becoming trending features buyers look for. Plus, with a smart home, you gain the benefits of greater convenience until you choose to sell your home. Embrace automation throughout your home to reap the following benefits to your lifestyle and home value:

Enhanced Security Through Smart Security Systems

A smart home security system connects you to alerts, no matter where you are. You can quickly find out if you have something trip your home alarm while on vacation. Or, you can look over the live security camera footage to check on your kids or pets while you are still at work. These systems can even connect to your control of gates or doors, so you can remotely unlock your garage or door for a friend or family member after you verify their identity through a security camera.

Reduced Energy Bills from Greater Efficiency

Automation of your home’s heating and cooling and lights will reduce your energy bills, especially if you have family members who forget to turn off lights or fight to keep the air conditioner as cold as possible. Controlling your home’s utilities through automation saves money and keeps your entire home comfortable for everyone.

More Comfortable Living for Household Members of All Abilities

Home automation adds value to homes because it contributes to universal home design. This type of design allows people of all abilities to live independently in a home. With lighting controls, an individual does not have to get up to turn off the lights and instead can use a phone or tablet to control lights around the house. Or the lights and motorized shades can have a program to automatically adjust for day and night settings. These features improve living in homes for everyone, thus increasing home value.

Boost Your Home’s Value Today with Home Automation Systems from Us at Experience Audio Video Inc.

Make your home a more valuable, safer, more efficient, and more comfortable place to live in with help from our home automation experts at Experience Audio Video Inc. We are professional dealers for top brands in the field of smart home technology, including Control 4 and Crestron. Trust us to get your home up to date with the latest in automation and smart home technology. Reach out to us today to start improving your home’s value.










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