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How To Improve The Audio In Your Conference Room For Remote Meetings


Whether you want to hold successful remote meetings or try creating videos as part of your marketing strategy, there’s one thing that can keep you back: poor audio quality.

You want people on the other end of your call to be able to pay attention to your ideas, not spend the call trying to figure out what it is you’re saying. And when you put some time into updating your healthcare facility’s audio resources, you’ll save more time in the future from frustration.

Prepare your conference room to be as acoustically-friendly as possible and stop wasting time on your calls with these simple changes.

Make Sure You’re Heard

If you’re sitting in a large conference room and trying to have a call on your laptop, the microphone might not be strong enough to pick up your voice clearly. Instead, you can have a microphone installed that will be strong enough to handle the room’s size.

Stop Competing For Noise

When ambient sounds are surrounding you, your audio quality won’t be clear on the other end. First, survey for things like fans, window cracks, and any other sounds, big or small, that can be amplified by a microphone. Make sure telephones are on silent and devices like printers are turned off to avoid any surprises.

Put Your Walls To Work

If you’re finding that ambient noise from outside of your conference room is negatively affecting your audio, you can have sound-dampening panels installed on your walls. Plus, for healthcare facilities, you’re adding an extra level of privacy for anything said in that room.

Check Before You Start

The best way to ensure you have no surprises with audio in the middle of your call is by making sure that sound, input, and volume levels are all ready beforehand.


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