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September 23, 2022
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Improve Your Patients’ Waiting Room Experience

Having a TV in the waiting room is expected for healthcare facilities. However, if you only use the TV to show talk shows or local news, you may be missing out on a potential way to improve your patients’ experiences. Think about the quality and content of the videos you show to make changes that will have the biggest impact on patient satisfaction.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

First, waiting room televisions are an ideal way for patients to pass the time. However, what they see on the screen should be compelling instead of dull. If possible, have options that relate to the most common group in the waiting area, or provide the reception staff with controls to change what is on the televisions. For instance, play kids’ shows in a pediatric doctor’s or dentist’s office. Try to avoid anxiety-inducing programming because patients watch the TVs in the waiting areas to reduce their nervousness.

Educate Patients and Ease Concerns

Instead of generic television programs, you could opt to play videos that provide patient education. For example, in one study, a group of patients in an emergency room had a video playing on the TVs that outlined information about the typical ER procedures and information on how to find outpatient care after leaving the ER. The study found that patients reported better satisfaction with their visits after seeing the video. The videos also increased calls for outpatient treatment referrals, showing success from the information patients saw. When patients know what will likely happen during their visit, they tend to be more satisfied with the care they get.

Ensure Follow-Through After Treatment

Finally, informative patient programming in the waiting room can impact what people do after leaving the facility. Another study of dental office patients found that when patients saw an educational video in the waiting room, they reported positive changes in their at-home oral hygiene routines while cutting back on eating sweets. These types of lasting changes show how caring for patient health starts from the moment patients enter the waiting room.

Trust Experience Audio Video Inc. to Bring Your Healthcare Waiting Room the Ideal AV System for Better Patient Experiences

Before you consider the content, make sure that patients can clearly see and hear the TVs in your waiting room. If you have several waiting areas, you may consider connecting controls for them into a single audio and video distribution hub. Let our team at Experience Audio Video Inc. help you to decide the best options for your facility. We will also install the equipment and ensure that it works. Contact us to learn more about our healthcare facility solutions.



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