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Integrating Audio and Video into a Retail Experience

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Retail stores must now compete with both online and brick-and-mortar competitors. If you have a retail location, you need to do more to set yourself apart. Turn shopping into an experience for your customers through audio and video solutions that inform and entertain.

Clear Sale Announcement Through Better Audio

Booming, staticky speakers do not get your message to your customers. You need crystal clear audio to ensure that you sound professional when you announce sales or events over the store’s PA system. New speakers and microphones can help with this process. Customers won’t have to ask what you said because they will be able to hear it clearly the first time.

Promote New Products on Video Screens

Another use of upgraded audio and video in improving the retail experience is using video screens to show ads for new products. These ads inform and promote goods to your customers while they are in the store. If they like what they see, a display with the products next to the video screen makes purchasing the items easy for them. With this method, you can boost your sales and improve customer experiences.

Interact and Entertain Customers on Touchscreens

Entertaining customers also slows down their movements through your store. The longer they spend in your retail space, the more money they will spend, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Interactive displays make your store more fun and engaging while raising the time that customers need to finish their shopping. You can also use the interactivity to subtly advertise to them such as through recommending brands or products based on the results of fun quizzes they take.

For clothes retailers, you can give customers the correct sizing information when they put in their measurements. Since many manufacturers use different measurements for their sizes, this process will help customers to find the right sizes for their clothing.

Reach Out to Experience Audio Video to Improve Customers’ Retail Experience at Your Store

Give your customers an unparalleled shopping experience with new audio and video equipment for your store. Contact us at Experience Audio Video to upgrade your system for better communications with those in your store.





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