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Alternative Window Dressings

Window Dressings

Big, bulky curtains may be an aesthetic style for specific homes, but they’re not always the most practical. If your bedroom has six floor-to-ceiling windows, that’s a lot of ground to cover and work to be done whenever you want to keep out the light. Alternative window dressings can help with the big and bulky curtains. Alternative window dressings can make it a lot easier to raise and lower larger shades.

The same goes for traditional blinds, which can be a headache to raise and lower, especially for larger-size windows, where you have to worry about overlapping cords or slats facing the wrong direction.

When you’re headed to bed or looking to watch your favorite movie, the last thing to want to do is fumble with those cords or go around closing heavy curtains. Instead, using motorized shades on your windows means the ability to raise or lower your window protection with the click of a button, from anywhere.

What are some of the other benefits of using motorized shades over traditional window dressings?

Keep things safer: You don’t have to worry about kids or pets getting tangled in your blind’s cords when you use cordless motorized shades.

Be energy efficient: The ability to open and close blinds to utilize nature can help you save on your energy bill and be more environmentally friendly.

Maintain security: When you travel, prying eyes may be looking for signs as to whether you are home or not. Changing the position of your shades on a timer or remotely will help maintain the appearance that your house is occupied.

Protect your belongings: Sun damage can be a real problem for Southern California homeowners when it comes to furnishings, artwork, and certain types of flooring or wall coverings. Lowering those shades from afar when the sun unexpectedly comes out in the afternoon can help you protect your belongings for longer.


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