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Keep Office Building Room Listings Updated and Easily Accessible with Digital Signs

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People are slowly returning to office buildings. With 26.1% of prepandemic numbers of employees visiting their offices in the first quarter of 2021. Therefore, you should have the building space prepared for new workers, those returning to their offices and visitors by upgrading to digital signage. Digital signs improve building navigation for those new to the site and for those who may not have been back for more than a year.

What Are Digital Signs for Office Building Room Listings?

Digital interactive signs for office building listings upgrade the old standard of using hand-lettered boards to display the room directories at the entrance and elevators. Both types of signs help visitors to find their destinations. However, digital signs update with computer input and can have the option of being interactive to help visitors get more customized directions to find their way.

How Digital Signs Help Visitors

Digital directories can show visitors a map of where they are in the building and where they need to go at the touch of the screen. For instance, a visitor who needs to go to an office and only knows the suite can use a digital sign to find the location of the suite. This option is ideal for helping visitors to visualize where they need to go and avoid getting lost in the building.

Faster Updating of Business Listings with Digital Signs

With digital signage, you can quickly update the building listings. In some cases, you can even indicate business hours for suites or show changing operating hours for holidays or weekends. Additionally, computer input of the information on the signs makes it easier to make changes if tenants move suites, set up businesses, change names, or leave the building.

Find Out How to Integrate Digital Signs into Your Office Building by Contacting Us at Experience Audio Video Inc.

You don’t need to have a large office building for signs to help. In fact, even small offices or strip centers that have multiple suites can help people to find their destinations faster with the most updated directions via signs. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to find out about our commercial solutions, such as digital signs and more to improve your office building functionality.




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