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November 12, 2021
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Lessen Healthcare Waiting Room Woes with Upgraded A/V

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No one likes to sit in a waiting room. However, the reality is that most healthcare patients will spend several hours in these places throughout their lives. You can make the experience better for your facility’s patients by providing upgraded audio and video options for them. Plus, by using television in your waiting room correctly, you could encourage patients to get preventative care.

Do You Need a TV in Your Waiting Room?

If most people will be on their phones while waiting, do you need a television? Yes. Despite the popularity of smartphones, people still watch TV. Plus, when you have a television in the waiting area, you can avoid the problem of patients too engrossed in their phones to hear their names called by staff.

With a TV in the waiting room, patients can watch their favorite programs and experience less boredom during waiting. By being less bored, they will be less likely to become upset at having to wait, improving their perspective of the practice.

Type of TV in a Waiting Room

People don’t want to watch their favorite shows on a screen with poor quality. Plus, modern flat-screen televisions offer better pictures and take up less space than older models or even ancient, bulky CRT TVs. If you already have an older TV in your waiting area from the 1990s, it’s time to upgrade to something that can properly display modern television shows in the correct aspect ratio at higher definitions.

Unexpected Benefit of Waiting Room Televisions

You may not think that a TV in a general practitioner’s waiting lounge could help their dental counterparts, but it can. In fact, a study of patients in the United Kingdom in 2017 found that showing patients educational promotions for contacting dentists and emergency dentists had real results. Among those in the study, 48% who did not know how to connect with a dentist before the study learned how to do so through the televised promotions in their general practitioners’ waiting rooms. Plus, the promos encouraged 15.2% of patients without any intention of going to the dentist to wanting to contact one for an appointment.

By using waiting room television properly, you can encourage better health for your patients and help them to have a better experience through passing the time with enjoyable programming.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. to Have Your Waiting Room A/V System Set-Up

Get started on bettering the experience your patients have by contacting us at Experience Audio Video Inc. We can professionally install the TV and other A/V equipment you might need in your facility’s waiting room or multiple waiting areas. As professionals in the field, we have access to top brands and high-quality service.





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