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Make Your Home Safer with Home Security You Can Monitor from Anywhere in the World

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You work hard to have a home and everything in it. But, home break-ins can happen. In fact, in 2020, 57,802 residential burglaries occurred in California. Of all burglaries, 30% occurred during the day. Therefore, you should have a way to monitor your property while you’re at work or away. A home security system with cameras that permit remote access gives you peace of mind that your property is safe.

Why You Need Home Security Cameras

Security cameras can monitor your home’s interior or exterior. With these, you can see if potential “porch pirates” try to steal your package deliveries or if someone attempts a break-in. If something happens, our home camera system will alert you through text and email instantly. You can then decide if you need to call the police to respond to your home or if your dog set off the alert, requiring no emergency response.

Home security cameras let you feel better about the security of your home whenever you leave. Whether you need to check in on things from work or while you are halfway around the world on vacation, you can with network-connected security cameras.

Benefits of Remote Home Security Access 

Being able to remotely check on your cameras from your laptop or phone can let you know if your home is safe from criminals. However, there are many other ways to use this system to provide you with peace of mind.

First, if you have teenagers or older kids who come home from school to an empty house, you can look at the camera feed to ensure that they arrived safely. You can also see whether they are doing their chores or homework, if you had asked them to do so after school.

If you have a babysitter watching a younger child, you can use the security cameras as nanny cams to ensure that your child is getting quality care from the sitter.

When you leave the house, you don’t need to wonder what your pets are doing. Check on them through the cameras to see if they are getting into trouble or simply sleeping while you are away.

Another benefit of home camera access is checking that a house sitter actually comes by to your home while you are away to water plants, feed pets, bring in mail, or do other chores.

Where to Place Security Cameras Around Your Home

You can place security cameras in most places around your home. However, to protect the privacy of your family members, you should not place them inside bathrooms or bedrooms. Putting cameras at the front and back doors are the least you should do. If you have a garage, put a camera monitoring that area, too. You may want to put cameras inside the home pointed at the front and rear entrances to create a continuum of images that police can use in the event of a break-in.

To get the ideal placement for these cameras, consult with a professional installer.

Get Professional Installation of Your Home’s Cameras for Security from Experience Audio Video Inc.

The price of a home security system will never match the peace of mind that it gives you while you are away. This investment will help you in protecting your property from burglaries and vandalism. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. for information on how you can get a custom-designed camera system for your home that you can access from anywhere in the world.





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