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How Many Speakers Does Your Home Theater Really Need?


One of the main reasons people go to the movies is for the immersive experience, including hearing a film at the volume and quality it is intended to be heard at.

So why would you skimp on the sound in your home theater design?

Finding the right speakers for your home theater means looking at costs, overall quality, and the specific uses for your room. In most cases, your basic setup will have a speaker in the center, possibly a couple of speakers in corners, and a bass speaker to get those deep sounds without distortion. You can get a good experience from this setup when they are installed correctly, but you won’t have the same audial effect as you would in a movie theater.

When your budget allows it, consider tower speakers flanking your screen or placed in the corners of the wall that the screen sits on. When tower speakers have several different speaker sizes in them, viewers get a layered sound that is heightened by the smaller speakers distributed in your room. Plus, because tower speakers are tall, they can combine as many elements as needed to bring your home theater to life.

With modern technology, you don’t have to worry about giant speakers that look like they belong in a nightclub; many tower speakers are now designed to become part of a room’s overall décor, not eyesores. However, you do get the added benefit that these speakers function wonderfully with different types of sound, not just that from movies. Use them for music, gaming, or other experiences where you want a quality sound.


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