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Motorized Shades to Improve Patient Room Comfort and Lighting

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Allowing patients to have more defined times of daylight and darkness in their rooms could improve sleep. A study showed that cardiac patients with this type of lighting in their rooms had 7.3% more sleep compared to those in regularly lit patient rooms. You can more easily create a day-night cycle in a patient room with motorized shades and automated lighting to reduce the effort required by nurses to produce the desired light in each room.

How Much Light Should You Allow in a Patient Room?

Patients need to have darkness during sleeping hours to improve the length and quality of their sleep. The study looked at low light levels at night and at least two hours of bright light during the day. However, the study looked only at interventional lighting without specifying its source. As long as the light during the day reaches 1750 lux, regardless of whether it comes from artificial or natural sources, you can replicate the study in each patient room, which may help to improve sleep.

How Motorized Shades Can Improve Lighting Conditions in Patient Rooms

Motorized shades put you in control of the amount of natural light that enters patient rooms. In some cases, even at night, city lights can make hospital rooms bright. Using shades to block out these light sources can help patients to get more rest during their stay.

Automatic Lighting for Patient Rooms to Improve Lighting Amounts

While motorized shades give you control over the amount of light coming from outside, you also need to regulate the interior lights in each patient room. Automatic lighting systems can have settings that turn the lights down at night and brighten them during the day. Plus, when you automate the process, you don’t need to give your nurses another chore to do when caring for their patients. Therefore, automatic lighting systems help patients and the nurses caring for them.

Reach Out to Us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to Get Automatic Lighting and Motorized Shades for Your Patient Rooms

At Experience Audio Video Inc., we offer healthcare solutions for all types of facilities, including those that have rooms to house patients. If you need to provide your patients with better lighting conditions without taxing your nursing staff, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to find out more about how we can help you to improve the lighting conditions in each patient room.




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