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Motorized Shades: Worth It? 4 Reasons They Absolutely Are

motorized shades

As a Southern California homeowner, you have no shortage of sun. But you also don’t want to live in a home that always has its shades down.That’s why motorized window coverings are ideal for Southern California residents. They’ll make life easier and add to your home’s overall comfort.

Reason’s to Invest in Motorized Shades

Is it worth it to invest in a motorized shade system? These are four reasons it absolutely is.

  1. Protect Your View

Whether you’re looking at water, downtown LA, or the mountains, you shouldn’t ever have to sacrifice your view. With motorized blinds, you can get the perfect amount of shade and light to see the view you paid for.

  1. Make Life Easier

From strings that get tangled to cords that are too high to reach, it can be a pain to deal with traditional window coverings. Decide when you want to raise your motorized shades and they’ll be up with the press of a button. Too high? Change them right back.

  1. Save Furniture And Art

Direct sunlight can quickly bleach out and damage your furniture and belongings. But what if you left home on a gray morning only to return to a blasting sun – and your shades were up. Instead, control your blinds from anywhere to make sure the sun isn’t harming your stuff.

  1. Save On Energy

Your window coverings are a great way to combat relying on a heating or cooling system. On a warm day, closing the shades will help keep things cooler, and on a cold day, letting in the sun can help heat things up; being able to control shades directly means always taking full advantage of nature. Automate your shades and get the most from all of your home’s systems.

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