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How to Plan a Multi-Room Music System for Your Home


Are you the type of person who likes to entertain? Or maybe you just enjoy listening to music when hanging out around your home. In either case, if you are using a standalone set of speakers, you’re unable to take your music with you when you move around the house. Instead, a multi-room music system for your home lets you travel from room-to-room without a loss of sound. Start a song upstairs in your bedroom and find it playing downstairs in the kitchen when you arrive.

If this sounds of interest to your lifestyle, these tips will help you plan a residential multi-room music system that everyone will enjoy.

Figure out Which Rooms to Start With

You probably don’t want every room in your house wired to your music system. Children might want control of the music playing in their spaces, and you may have specific areas in the home you like to keep quiet. You’re going to need speakers in each room you select so focusing on the areas that will benefit from your music will keep your costs down.

How Connected do you Want Things to be?

If you are looking to connect speakers in each room to a single source, you’ll find it a simple process to have these sourced and installed. But if you’ll want each room to have a choice of input source, whether from a TV, a radio, or a streaming music site, each speaker will need to be formatted to take in info from all these different source types.

What Kind of Speakers do you Want?

A significant component of your choice of speakers will come down to how they look: size, style, and other factors are just as important to many homeowners as good quality sound. Do you want hidden speakers installed overhead, or would you prefer to have your heavy-duty speaker displayed in the corner?

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