How To Plan An Outdoor Audio Visual System For Your California Home

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October 23, 2019
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As a California homeowner, you’re missing out on one of the most significant benefits the state offers: the ability to enjoy the outdoors.

Whether you have a large backyard in Orange County or a smaller patio space, you can design an outdoor audio-visual system that helps make your time spent outside more enjoyable. You’ll have more opportunities to entertain, and a comfortable place to spend your time off.

There are some essential elements you should install in your outdoor space to increase your enjoyment levels and your comfort. And with modern technology, using these systems is easier than ever.

Stop staying indoors on those lovely days, and start using your exterior space to increase your household’s quality of life.

  1. Get the right speakers

Perhaps one of the most essential parts of your outdoor entertainment space is the speakers. Whether you’re hanging out in the pool or having a drink, you want to hear your music loud and clear — without disturbing your neighbors too much. These days you can find speakers disguised as landscaping features, hidden in walls or ceilings, and even in-ground around your yard.

  1. Get a TV

Nowadays you can find TVs designed for the outdoors, which means everyone can enjoy the big game without going inside. Install TVs under covered patios or other areas where you can control the sunlight and glare, but you don’t need to worry about moisture when you purchase an outdoor screen. TVs should be large enough that people can see without needing to be up close, and you can even connect your TV to your outdoor speakers for an immersive environment.

  1. Get a variety of lights

With automated lighting connected to a smart system, you can raise and lower lights whenever you need to. In your outdoor space, consider having several different types of lighting for different areas of your yard. Pathways can be lined with lights to help people see where they’re walking, and colored lighting can be a fun effect for parties and entertainment.


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