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Prioritize Comfort in Patient Rooms in Your Healthcare Facility

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Your facility centers on caring for patients. However, you can too easily forget to give them ways to reduce anxiety and relieve boredom. Installing televisions in patient rooms or some treatment areas can help to improve patient comfort. Plus, installing televisions could even have some unexpected benefits for your facility.

Why Have Televisions in Patient Rooms?

Installing televisions in patient rooms for those staying for several hours or days can help patients to pass the time. Plus, with TV, they can have something to focus on other than their discomfort or pain. Since there are hundreds of viewing options on streaming services or cable, patients can customize their experience and find their favorite movies or programs. Additionally, you can integrate nurse call buttons into the television remote to reduce the number of items the patient has around their bed.

You can also install televisions in treatment rooms. Many dental practices install televisions on the ceilings to provide patients with a way to get their mind off the dental treatment. In some instances, patients have headphones to hear the TV instead of the dental drill.

Options for Patient Television Control

Many patients already have high-definition televisions in their homes. In fact, 80% of Americans watch television nightly. Therefore, they will expect the same quality wherever they go. Providing large screen televisions in patient rooms meets their demands, and shows them that your facility puts patient comfort and needs first.

You can add gaming or educational programming to the television options. Streaming, satellite, or cable channels are possible options for use in patient rooms. Your choice depends on what your facility has available.

Unexpected Benefits of TVs in Patient Rooms

You may not think that TVs in patient rooms could make a difference in the healing process. However, healthcare professionals see a connection to the quality of a patient’s room and their healing process. Patients who have something to pass the time and make them more comfortable may have greater satisfaction with the facility and their experience.

TVs can also deliver educational information to patients in hospitals about their conditions. Instead of giving patients pamphlets, tune them into a program on their in-room television. They can learn about their condition and what to do after discharge. Through video delivery of this information, hospital staff members have their time freed to help more patients. 

Reach Out to Experience Audio Video Inc. to Set Up the A/V Equipment for Your Healthcare Facility’s Rooms

If you want to integrate televisions into your facility’s patient rooms, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. We can help your facility to upgrade its system to incorporate high-definition televisions in patient rooms to improve their comfort.









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