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Privacy, Convenience and More at Your Fingertips with Motorized Shades

motorized shades

Windows are critical components of any home design. In fact, most homes have windows covering between 15% and 50% of their exterior walls. However, the more windows you have, the greater the heat loss from your home. UV damage from excessive sunlight, loss of privacy, and heat buildup in the summer are other problems with having too many windows. Motorized shades can minimize these downsides of having windows, so you can enjoy the natural light the windows admit.

Motorized Shades and Privacy

Letting in natural daylight during the day through uncovered windows lets you minimize artificial light use, cutting your lighting bills. However, at night, when you have lights on in your rooms, uncovered windows reduce your privacy because anyone outside can see into your home through the lit windows. Motorized shades let you cover all your windows at dusk with the touch of a button, maximizing your privacy without a lot of effort.

Shades to Reduce Glare

While curtains block out light, shades can soften harsh daylight coming into your home. If you have windows on the west side of your home, you may notice strong sunlight coming into your home in the afternoon, bringing harsh light and excessive heat. Cover those windows with motorized shades to soften the light entering your home. Plus, the shades provide protection for your furniture from damaging solar UV rays. These are a great option to put you in control over the natural lighting in a room, no matter the time of day.

Improve Energy Costs with Insulating Shades on Your Windows

Most people don’t realize that motorized shade provide better insulation than window blinds or drapery. If you have a room that loses heat in the winter through its windows, install motorized shade to cover the window and reduce heat loss. You can lower your home’s heater usage during the winter and save money on your utility bills. Plus, in the summer, the insulating feature of shades lets you cut cooling costs.

Find Name Brand Motorized Shades from Experience Audio Video Inc. in Southern California

Not all shades are motorized. Only by installing motorized shades can you change the position of one or all your shades quickly through an app or nearby control panel. Gain control over your window coverings, improve privacy, reduce glare, and cut energy costs with motorized shades. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. for the installation of your motorized shade system to gain these benefits.










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